Friday, January 30, 2009

Passing a Note in Study Hall

Pssst... Lara here. I'm in Study Hall right now, and I ought to be grading essays, but I just can't seem to focus. So I thought instead I'd write you all a little note to say hi.


Oh, oops, really shouldn't be shouting in Study Hall, eh? Ah well, on to quieter topics. Quieter, however, does not have to mean less exciting. Just less... loud.

I've had a lot of things floating around my life lately on which I'd love to collect your thoughts. First off, I realize that July feels like a lifetime away, but I've already got BlogHer on the brain. I've let friends and family know that NO ONE is allowed to get married that weekend or hold any other mandatory-attendance events that might require me to cancel my trip. I have - yes, I have - already registered for the weekend, and soon will look to make hotel and flight reservations. But before I do that, I wanted to check in with the loyal folks still reading here to see:
a) if someone would like to be my roommate in Chicago (or multiple someones - I'm not above sharing a queen-size bed with a stranger if it saves money), and
b) if any other SF-area folks would like to arrange seats on the same flights (not because it changes the price, but because it's less lonely).
Any takers? I'm fun and friendly, and I shower regularly! And brush my teeth! Honest!


While we're on the subject of travel, this is a totally random long-shot, but I figured I'd give it a try. I'm considering studying in Cambridge (England, not Massachussetts) this summer, and I'm asking around to see if anyone is interested in joining me. It's part of their International Summer School, and I would be going for a two-week literature program July 5-July 18. The classes look amazing for a lit geek like me (see details here), and I figure this is the time in my life to travel and learn. Any of you out there interested? (And financially solvent enough to follow through on the interest?)


Now for something more of you can weigh in on. Our school is having Spirit Week soon, and I need some help with costume ideas. One day is designated as "Celebrity Day," and I don't know what celebrity to be. I could go the Scarlett O'Hara route:

But she's not really a "celebrity" - she's a fictional character.

Maybe Ginger Rogers in my 1930's gown?

Or I could probably cobble together an Ingrid Bergman look - something like this:

Generally, though, I don't have much to work with in the "celebrity" category. Help?

Then there's "Disney Day," for which I also have nothing. I have a dress that *might* work as a faux-Cinderella type gown, but it's really not accurate, and I'd feel lame. Short of buying a costume, what can I do?

And finally there's "Decade Day." My kids - the sophomores - are "the 50's," which gives me a few options. I own this dress:

But let's be honest - I'm curvier than this girl and it doesn't flatter me as much.

I could borrow a poodle skirt:

(Sorry it looks weird, I had to cut someone out of the photo...)

Or I could always misinterpret "the 50's" as "the 1850's" and wear my green Victorian gown. Of course, that only works if I decide against the Scarlett O'Hara for "Celebrity Day." Your thoughts?


Okay, I think I've overloaded your brains enough for today. Let's recap:

1) Do you want to room with me at BlogHer09?
2) Do you want to be on the same flight with me to/from BlogHer09?
3) Do you want to study in Cambridge with me in July?
4) What should I wear for "Celebrity Day"?
5) What should I wear for "Disney Day"?
6) What should I wear for "Decade Day"?

I thank you in advance for your attention in this matter and eagerly await your replies in the comments.


Anonymous said...

4. Ginger.
5. Miley Cyrus. ;)
6. Definitely poodle skirt

Mrs. Chili said...

I'm still trying to decide if I can make BlogHer work this year...

Clair said...

I want to go to BlogHer so badly, but I have a mandatory-attendance event elsewhere at the same time. Damn it. Why can't Chicago be closer to DC??

And the poodle skirt would be perfect.

Jane said...

If I owned a dark green gown like that, I'd be ALWAYS looking for events to wear it to. Go gown!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Betsy's answers.

Anonymous said...

It's so great to finally catch up with some of my favorite blogs...

Anyway..hope you'll have fun at Blogher. Take lots of piccies -- which I know you will -- and blog blog blog. :)

I agree with the poodle skirt. It's cute!

Anonymous said...

1) Thanks. I will perch on your hotel window.

2) Not necessary, as I shall fly there according to my standard migratory pattern. But thanks for the offer.

3) I'm not very literate, so I'd probably only hold you back.

4) Tear the cover off a recent People magazine, cut eye holes, and tape it to your face.

5) Big ears.

6) Wear a smile that screams sincere post-war optimism unaware of approaching doom.

Kara said...

Cambridge in July? Are you planning to go to Project Zero? Hmmmmm... let's talk offblog!!

Unknown said...

I am thinking about going to BlogHer. And if I did, I would be happy to room with you! And if I am too poor to do so and crash with friends instead, I will come to the hotel and have lunch with you.