Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Excuses and Shoes

So how terrible a blogger am I, right? I get you all excited about a month of shoes and then I go into stealth mode for more than a week. What have I been doing in that week? Well...

I was on crutches for about five days of it after straining my hip. Ballroom dance: It's not for sissies.

I helped out my former a cappella group a bit in preparing for their Winter Show. Then missed out on the show itself because my hip was hurting too much for me to leave my bed.

I went to Christian School's annual staff Christmas party. And ran into HTG with his girlfriend. Bummer.

I gave my English students group projects on characters in Lord of the Flies. And then I had to grade said projects.

I gave my English students an exam on Lord of the Flies. And then I had to grade said exams.

I gave my French students an exam on Unit 4. And then I had to grade said exams.

And every once in a while I tried to get some sleep or a bite to eat. So you can see where the time has all gone, yes?

At any rate, I think we've learned not to have high expectations for my posting schedule these days, so hopefully you're all not terribly disappointed.

What have you been up to?


Let's talk shoes.

I think a nice way to begin might be to talk about some of my favorite work outfits of the year and the shoes I chose for the ensembles.

Outfit #1: Monochrome Madness

I will admit that this outfit was driven by the blazer, which I got from Old Navy for only $15. I chose the shoes because they fit appropriately in the color theme (read: no color) and, well, I love them. Take a closer look:

Yes, I love wingtips. But then, we already knew that, right? I'm pretty sure these came from Target or Ross, and it was only a matter of months ago that I got them. (Which means you'd think I would remember where I got them, and yet...)

Outfit #2: Pop O' Color

In contrast to the first outfit, this outfit was driven by the shoes. I wanted to be able to wear these shoes, and I wanted them to stand out. So I chose a professional but understated blouse and pants combo and popped in this fabulous pair of red pumps (which, if you were reading last year, you might remember):

Fabulous, right? They make my feet look like tiny gifts all wrapped with a bow. I got these Kenneth Cole beauties on super sale at Macy's a few years ago - only $35.

Outfit #3: Cutesie Wootsie

Once in a while I try to remember that, while I may be a real, live grown-up now, I'm still pretty young. This outfit was perfectly acceptable for me to wear to school, but had that touch of whimsy that my more austere outfits lack. As for the shoes...

They are just precious. A colleague told me they make her want to say, "There's no place like home..." They're very comfortable, and the color is bright and cheery. These are from Payless a few seasons ago, but they have similar shoes in stores this season as well.

Thanks for the questions I've gotten so far. I will get to them, really. I will also try to keep telling you all where various shoes came from so that you can look for similar pairs if you're so interested. Happy LaBloShoeMo '08!


flutter said...

you have the BEST wardrobe

Lara said...

if the blogosphere were a high school, maybe i could be voted best dressed! or maybe class clown. or maybe teacher's pet. or maybe just teacher.


Unknown said...

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Mrs. Chili said...

I really like these posts. I also really like that you don't go in for the pointy-toed things that some of my students wear. I thought those were well out of style, but maybe I'm wrong...

Lisa said...

Dear lord I LOVE the red heels with the bow! Those are SO cute! I gravitate towards the same kind of shoes all the time and seriously need to break free from my boring trend.

Anonymous said...

I love all your shoes! I wish I had places to wear shoes like that... but then my husband would be more on my case than he already is.
I think I like those gray shoes best.

Amanda said...

I love how much fun you have!

Kennethwongsf said...

Oh, that pair of red pumps with black bows is lethal, I tell you. Promise you'll wear them responsibly.

Wolf Lover Girl said...

Like I've said before, I wished you lived by me so I could take you shopping! I'm so clueless when it comes to putting outfits together.

Lord of the Flies was always one of my favorites. And The Outsiders.

Hope your feeling better.

~ Wolf Lover Girl