Friday, November 28, 2008

Awesome Conversations

Some conversational highlights from life recently:

[While playing Taboo with some students during lunch.]
Student M: (humming) Hmmm hmmm hm hmm hmmm... (singing) had a very shiny nose...
Me: Frosty the Snowman!
Student M: YES!
Student A: Isn't Rudolph the one with the shiny nose?
Student M and me: Oh... yeah, huh?
Student A: You guys really are eerily alike...

[Also from Taboo.]
Student H, as her turn ends: Oh, good. I got Mick Jagger, and I wasn't sure what to say for him.
Student M: Isn't he the one who, like, improvises stuff?
Me: Improvises? What do you mean?
Student M: You know, like making a bomb out of dental floss.
(long silence)
Student A: That would be MacGuyver.

[From Thanksgiving with the Grandparents.]
Papa: (eating a leftover Monte Cristo sandwich) Wow, that's a great sandwich. I just wish I could remember where I got it.
Grandma: It's from Robert's Deli this afternoon.
Papa: Really good.
Grandma: From Robert's Deli.
Papa: What's that?
Grandma: We went for lunch. This afternoon. Down the road.
Papa: Oh yeah. Well it's a great sandwich.
(5 minutes later)
Papa: Great chicken sandwich. I just wish I could remember where I got it.

(Mom is sitting on a massage pad)
Papa: That's a nice vibrator you've got there.
Me, Seeser, and Jersey: Hahahahahahahahahaha... (this laughter extended for many minutes, including going into super-silent-stealth-laughter mode and ow-my-tummy-hurts-from-laughing mode)


I hope everyone is getting ready for December...


Mrs. Chili said...

Now *I'M* laughing!!

I'd forgotten about shoe month! I'm looking forward to it!

Pass some Chili love around, wouldja? Oh, and keep some for yourself.

BetteJo said...

Geez - I think I'm Papa these days!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

LOL... nothing like a good vibrator comment.

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Kennethwongsf said...

LOL! I guess Papa's term is factually accurate. After all, the massage pad does vibrate.

Anonymous said...

Us: ...and what are you two thankful for?

J: Space!
H: I'm thankful for CWISSMASS!

Lisa said...

What the heck is LaBloShoeMo? Or whatever???

Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving was awesome, wish we had more time to play Nintendo :) Papa is just way too cute....VIBRATOR and the laughing continues.