Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BlogHer08: Cheers and Jeers

[Are you a new reader? An introduction post can be found here.]

A longer post (or twelve) will be coming soon to recap my BlogHer adventures. But for now, a quick episode of Cheers and Jeers.

Cheer: An awesome roommate who became an instant friend.
Jeer: Two words, my friends - FOOD POISONING.

Cheer: Fun parties with amazing women!
Jeer: Stuffy party rooms with insufficient ventilation.

Cheer: Interesting session topics.
Jeer: The food poisoning caused me to miss almost all the first day's sessions, interesting or not.

Cheer: Scoring invitations to Maggie Mason's private party Friday night.
Jeer: I was still so wiped out from the food poisoning that I had to go to bed instead of the party.

Cheer: Holding Her Bad Mother's beautiful baby boy during her session.
Jeer: When he woke up, my milkless body failed to keep him content.

Cheer: Getting to meet Dooce before her keynote on Saturday.
Jeer: The complete awkwardness that ensued during that keynote.

Cheer: Party at Macy's!
Jeer: No time to shop.

Cheer: Fun CheezeburgHer party post-Macy's.
Jeer: Asshat hotel security broke up the party.

Cheer: All the awesome new friends I made.
Jeer: All the bitches who snubbed me. Oh, wait, no one did that. Hooray!

So, what were the Cheers and Jeers from your weekend, BlogHer or otherwise?


Anonymous said...

Cheer: [sic] Had a total blast [sic] at CopyEditHer [definitely sic] '08!

Jeer: Got [sic] a horrible case o' [sic] siccups. If I see another semicolon, I'm gonna [sic] puke [sic].

LaLa said...

Cheers - You got to go!

Jeers - It's on the other side of the world, hence... I did not.

Amanda said...

Cheers for you for giving the best hugs evah!!!!!!!!

PypersTune said...

Sounds like a blast. Well, except for the food poisoning part, but let's not think about that. Hope you have safe travels home.

flutter said...

glad I got to meet you!

BetteJo said...

Glad it improved once you were done throwing up - I really need to read more about the mythical hobbit thing! Too funny - or - weird!

Neil said...

Ouch, do you know how you got the food poisoning, so we will never go eat there?

Lara said...

neil - lori's diner. scrambled eggs. i was all, "these don't look right..." and then i ate them anyway. always listen to your instincts, my friend.

Mojo said...

The cheers I probably shouldn't talk about. The jeers I've blogged about already. But I think at the end of it all, you had a way better weekend than I did girl. Good for you.

Except for the food poisoning. That sucks.

Lara said...

mojo - i had a thousand other bloghers helping me to have a fabulous weekend, food poisoning or no. i'm sure if you'd had that kind of help, your weekend might have gone better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Sorry you got sick during the big weekend. I would love to go next year.

Erica said...

You got it exactly right! (especially the roommate part - snicker) Loved this wonderful weekend with you! Miss you now, as a matter of fact.

Lara said...

erica - i miss SO MANY PEOPLE it's not even funny. i want us all to have a big slumber party, yeah?

MarĂ­a said...

My jeer is that I didn't get to officially meet you. And that I think I just spelled officially wrong. But my spellchecker says it's ok. But I'm sure it's not. It's going to drive me nuts all day.

Everything else? A total cheer!

Lisa said...

How did the scavanger hunt go????

Jakki said...

Cheers you got to go to blogher and had a wonderful time (well except for that thing of food poisoning) Jeers, I went to Six Flags and got sunburned.

Clair said...

I cheer the poor security guard who busted our party, just for having the guts to haul a bajillion cheesburger-eating women into the lobby.

I also cheer all the new friends I made. So good to meet you. No. CA slumber party, anyone? If we move some furniture out of the way, I can host.

Blog said...

Great recap! Sounds like it was SO MUCH FUN! I love reading about it on everyone's blogs... Glad you enjoyed! :)

VDog said...

Thinking of you.

Great recap. :D

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Cheer: Dancing with you.
Jeer: Too many events causing me to miss the Community Keynote.

Jamie Lovely said...

BlogHer was so much fun! Glad I got to meet you!