Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Google-age: The Fans Have Spoken

Well, I asked what you all thought of the Sunday Google-age, and I got relatively few responses. However, the few of you who did answer said unanimously that you liked the Google-age. And since I love the Google-age, it shall stay.

First though, let's have another question-answer segment, eh? The always lovely Meg from Simply Nutmeg asked:

When are you going back to the classroom?

The short answer is, I don't know. And it's not just that I don't know when, I don't even know if I'll go back. (I know, Meg, you're hating me for that answer.)

I was a nanny before I went back to school to become a teacher, and I really loved it. But I figured it wasn't a career option, and I'd always strongly considered teaching English. My dad was a high school teacher, and a lot of our friends were teachers, so I knew a bit about the kind of life it could be. And I'd always loved literature and grammar and reading and writing. Sounded like a good plan, so back to college I went.

I enjoyed working with high school students, much as I expected I would. Oh, sure, it had its challenges, like any job does, but generally I liked it a lot. And yet... The whole time I was teaching, I missed working with little kids. I missed hugs and snuggles and baby laughter and chubby cheeks. I longed to teach more than just literature and grammar - I wanted to teach life. I wanted to be with the little ones again.

After I graduated, I did not feel ready to become a full-time high school teacher. Teaching high school is a job that never ends. If you're not lesson planning, grading, corresponding with parents, or writing exams, you're feeling guilty because you know you should be lesson planning, grading, corresponding with parents, or writing exams. Add on to that the various extra things you have to do to certify your credential as a first-year teacher, plus any other responsibilities you may have in the school in which you work (advising clubs, administrative duties, etc.), and you have a recipe for disaster. After dealing with depression for the better part of a year, I did NOT want that for my life.

So I went back to the young'uns, quite happily. Those of you who've been reading for a while might remember that although I loved working with the kids at my preschool, I didn't like my boss. I knew I still wanted to be with young children, but I couldn't stay there. In December, I met a new family with two young boys, and in January I started work full time as a nanny again.

I've been away from the high school crowd for almost a year now, and here's the thing: I don't miss it. I missed toddlers SO MUCH when I was teaching high school, and since I've been back with toddlers again, I really haven't missed the high schoolers. I'm so happy and fulfilled here that I can't imagine leaving it.

So unfortunately, Meg, I have no plans to return to the classroom any time soon. Sorry!


Good Stuff

fabulous ass pictures - Well, I'm flattered, but you really ought to take a look here.

best starbucks shoes - Frankly, any shoes that get me to Starbucks and don't interfere with my purchase of a triple grande nonfat with whip white mocha are good for me.

best things about being a girl - 1) Curves. 2) Pretty shoes. 3) The PMS excuse.

number one favorite color in education - Green, as in the color of money, like when you bribe your poor overworked teachers for good grades. They love that stuff.

"happy pink pills" - I have some of these. I take two every night before bed. It keeps me from crying at random moments without provocation and saying things like, "I have no hope - my life is over!" Boy I'm glad for those pills.

happy dance grope - I think whether it makes you happy or not sort of depends on the partner who's doing the groping. I know some dance partners I wouldn't mind getting a grope from now and then... *wink, nudge*

Bad Stuff

you smell like butt - So's your face! (Any "Scrubs" fans out there?)

Kick in the ass by a female wearing ugg boots - Wow, that sounds really unpleasant. I mean, a kick in the ass is bad enough, but with Uggs? You must have really pissed her off.

pictures of scraped knees - Because there's nothing better to look for in the entire internet than pictures of someone's bloody knees?

mean mom picture - Oh man, this is so not the place to go for that. My mom is the very antithesis of mean. You want evidence? Look at this face:

Does that look like the face of a mean mom?

anger life - That kind of attitude won't get you anywhere, you know. Even if the people around you do smell like butt, there's no reason to be angry about it.

prozac makes me feel like my eyes are hurting - You need some of my "happy pink pills," kid.

Ugly Stuff

amish sex movie - "Ruth and the Butter Churn": Coming soon to a theater barn near you.

bright green boogers - Ugh, I get enough of these in my work life. Do I really need you disturbing my blog with this image, too?

changing a tampon while wearing pantyhose - You know, it would probably be easier if you took the pantyhose OFF first. Just a thought.

skanky stanky slut whore - Alliteration is great and all, but was that really necessary?

hooters blue eyeshadow - Now that is a truly frightening mental image.

tan line porn - Oh, come on! Are you guys searching for stuff just to get in the Google-age? Or do people actually want to find this stuff?

And lastly, an absolutely perfect search:

"a good start to your week" - Yep, that's Sunday Google-age for you.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Kennethwongsf said...

Far from having a mean face, I think your mom has a smile that'll stump the meanest folks.

Mrs. Chili said...

I must have missed the request for Google-age feedback - KEEP IT! I laugh EVERY TIME, even if I AM jealous that my site meter doesn't give me all that cool information.

Speaking of jealous, your mom looks like joy incarnate, and I wish she were mine. You're lucky, and it makes me happy that you know that.

Mayberry said...

"tan line porn" ... now that sounds HOTTTT.

Unknown said...

Whatever age group has you at whatever time is truly blessed!

Anonymous said...

My husband is an 8th grade teacher, and watching him every day made me realize that teaching in a classroom is probably not for me. He loves it, he's great at it, and it is wonderful to see him do what he does - but I don't think I could do it effectively, and if you can't teach effectively, what is the point?? But understanding this is what eventually brought me to the realization that what I WOULD like to do is work in smaller groups or one-on-one with kids in a speech therapy setting.

Sometimes you find out where you need to be by going somewhere else entirely.

Also, your mom adorable.

BetteJo said...

Goggle-age - LOL!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

What a great shot of your mom.
And I'm glad you're keeping the Google Age - I like them! I've been lurking frequently just not commenting - sorry. :-( But I still love ya!

~ Wolf Lover Girl

nutmeg said...

Fair enough. Maybe you should open up your own preschool. I prefered the little ones myself (well, nine year olds) to the high school crowd.

As for Google-age, I look at mine thanks to you but it generally sucks - all alternatives for nutmeg. But I did see large round ass last week!

Lara said...

nutmeg - i'm definitely considering running a home daycare as a long-term possibility. we'll see how things go. :)

Teacha said...

I really hate that you have no plans to go back to high school, we could use good people like you. But your own happiness is what really matters! The babies are wonderful in their own way--but if I was there I'd pull my hair out. Thank you for sharing so MUCH of yourself with us.

And keep the google age!

Teacha said...

P.s. amish sex movie - "Ruth and the Butter Churn" is hilarious. . . who would really be looking for this. . . people are nuts. but they come in all types . . .