Sunday, March 16, 2008

Truthiness and Google-age

A bevy of made-up words around here today, eh? Her Bad Mother and others have put out a call for a bit of "truthiness" in the blogosphere. Having already opened up about some major secrets this week, one might think this blog has had a whole lot of truthiness lately. But really? We could always use some more.

HBM's call for truthiness has a specific focus, though, so this isn't just truthiness in any form. No, this is the true truthiness of what I look like in the morning. Yes, we, members of the blogosphere, have been challenged to show the world our true selves - no makeup, no morning shower, no brushed hair, no brushed teeth, no morning cup of coffee. Get out of bed, get your camera, and share with the world.

Sounds scary, no?

But you know me, I'm always up for a challenge. Here, for all of the interwebs to see, is what I, Lara David, look like first thing in the morning:

Yes, it's even scarier than you thought. Clearly, I need more sleep, or at least an eye mask, because damn those are some huge bags under my eyes. Is it any wonder that the first thing I do after brushing my teeth is head for makeup? Here's the after-makeup picture:

Ah, so much better! (Well, okay, the bags are still there.) I might have brushed my hair too - I'm vain that way.

So how about you, are you willing to share your truthiness with the world? If so, be sure to leave a link to all the other lovely (and true!) ladies who've played along:

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True Confessions

I'm not good at being a lawyer - Well, that makes you about even with most of the other lawyers out there, no?

"i can't be happy for others" - You'll be a lot happier if you can be. Although, maybe you "can be happy for others," given your use of quotes there.

i feel helpless and teary all the time - Try some Prozac! Prozac makes everything better! Whee!

I'm blessed to have in my life a friend that happens to be a great poet - Sounds great. And fun at parties, too!

i forgot my skirt Lesson plan writing - Yeah, that's definitely bad. Did your students laugh at you or hit on you? Frankly, I'm not sure which is worse...

i was changing my tampon stories - What was wrong with the old tampon stories? Honestly, I'm pretty sure most tampon stories are the same, so I'm not sure changing them will help.

Q and A

Q: when were you able to connect with holden caulfield?
A: reading is the bane of my existence

Q: What do you like about being a girl?
A: hourglass body and haircut

Q: what if your favorite store came to life?
A: ketchup for bad highlights

Q: why wash hands after you cut yourself?
A: 'cause that's a better day

Q: what type of flowers to send and what to say for someone that is waiting the outcome of chemo?
A: sorry for being late on your birthday


drunken answering machine messages - Looking for ideas are you?

romance novel Experience gone wrong change body shape - Yeah, that is definitely an experience gone wrong.

boys have life harder than girls - HA! Seriously? I'll be laughing about that one for days.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Amanda said...

Good morning, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

That actually looks like fun! i may have to try this. And when I do snap a picture and turn the camera around to view it, I will immediately become vain and delete it and act as if nothing ever happened :)

Hanlie said...

I might try that one, if I can operate a camera in my just-woken-up state... You don't look too bad - youth is a wondrous thing!

flutter said...

You are such a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

I don't drink coffee in the morning. I drink Mountain Dew. Does that make me weird?

Lara said...

kaiser - yes.

Maggie said...

Oh I love the idea! I'm not sure that I'm with it enough in the morning to remember to grab my camera - but I will certainly try!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely in the morning. :D

Her Bad Mother said...

you, my dear, are beautiful in both pictures. xo

Lara said...

aw shucks, all. you make me feel like my fear of mirrors in the morning might be unnecessary. ;)

Unknown said...


I LOVE this. I have been meaning to do something similiar to this on my blog, to try to make peace with all the parts of me and I think now you have given me the final push. Hope you had a great visiting with your Mom.

Guilty Secret said...

You are...

- brave
- beautiful
- good with make-up


Sara said...

Your so beautiful!

Christina said...

You are beautiful au naturale! I'll post a "truthiness" photo soon.

Rose said...

Man, if only I looked that good in the morning...

You are quite beautiful.