Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've Already Driven You Away, So It Must Be Time for a Meme

Judging by the comments (or lack thereof) on the last two posts, I think my scary secret drove you all away. Well, if that's true, then no one will mind a meme!

I've seen this meme all over the place, and each version has a slightly different set of questions. So I went searching about and developed my own list of the questions I found most interesting. Here are the rules for the meme:

- Answer the questions below.
- Type your answers into Photobucket.
- Pick a picture from the results and post it as the answer.

Ready? Here goes...

1. What is your name?

2. How old will you be on your next birthday?

3. What is your occupation?

4. What is your relationship status?

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

6. What do you love most in life?

7. What do you like to do in your spare time?

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

9. Favorite animal:

10. Favorite color:

11. Favorite book:

12. Favorite type of shoe:

13. Favorite Disney character:

14. Favorite place to be:

15. Biggest annoyance:

16. Biggest fear:

17. Bad habit:

(Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I heard THAT!)

18. What is your mood right now?

Now come on, you know that was fun. Who wants to play? Let me know in the comments so I can come read! Or leave a comment letting me know what fun new fact you learned about Lara on this fine Tuesday evening / Wednesday morning / whenever you read this. Or leave a comment just to say hi. Anything - please?


brooke said...

I don't think I knew that you were a nanny. That's really cool. I want to be a mom when I grow up too. :)

flutter said...

you and I are eerily similar

Mrs. Chili said...

Scared away. Pffft!

I had NO idea you liked orange and yeah, I'd rather be in bed right now, too.

I'll totally do this. Maybe even today.

(and I love Stitch, too. "Your badness level is unusually high for someone your size")

Anonymous said...

Dude! I enjoy your questions! I've seen this on other people's blogs but the questions aren't nearly as good :)

Enny said...

I just don't comment often!

That 'stupidity' one is HILARIOUS!

Mrs. Chili said...

Your numbers are all screwed up in there, by the way...

Maggie said...

That is too funny!

ALRO said...

we have the same annoyances!!!
I hate stupidity! (hahah i almost spelled that wrongly!)

I love irony!

Hanlie said...

Oh I like it! I'll do it in the next few days... I took an early morning picture with my new toy - a webcam - but haven't had the guts to post it yet. It's a bit scary!

You'll never scare me away. I only leave when I'm bored and pigs will fly before I get bored here!

Teacher Anonymous said...

I'm going to play!

In my case, the reason for the silence was that I was drowning in blog posts to read. The whole thing was seeming like a chore (yesterday I had a total of ~330 new items on my reader), so I've resolved to pare down my blogroll a bit. Here is what I'm planning on keeping:

1. Blogs of people within my blogging cohort (such as yourself).
2. Really, really interesting blogs of big name people who don't know that I exist.
3. Cooking blogs

Anonymous said...

That bed looks REALLY comfortable. Of course, it helps that I'm super tired (had to drop off my car at Toyota at 7am), but I think I love beds anyway.

ANA said...

And if you are not getting back in bed, may I crawl in? That bed is soooo comfy.

Lara said...

mrs. chili - thanks for the tip, i fixed the numbers. :)

aMom2E said...

Hello friend. I have missed you, but I am getting back in the swing of things. I did this meme as a bulletin on myspace... I wonder if I can find it and repost it here...

Lara said...

ffbgirl - AAAAAHHH! you're BACK! i heart you! :)

Anonymous said...

Just saying hi

Anonymous said...

I decided to play! :)

nutmeg said...

Never question yourself when you write from the heart. That meme requires a level of techno saviness that I don't possess. Really.

gnomesque said...

Ooh, ooh, I'm playing! And I learned that you like hippopotamouses. I never would have guessed.

Major Bedhead said...

Now I have that hippopotamus song stuck in my head....

Cool meme. I may have to do this. If I can remember. My brain resembles Swiss cheese right now. It's annoying as all get out.

Amanda said...

Oh that bed, looks like a flat in Paris. Divine! You just know the rumplers of those sheets are eating chocolate croissant and sipping thick espresso.

Julie said...

Love this meme.
I may steal it.

Sorry I've been MIA. Work +Grad School=tired and non creative Julie.

Also- Did you ever get the prize I sent you?