Friday, February 15, 2008

Something Old, Something New

The Old:


Okay, so there is no old. But "Something New" looked so lonely in the title up there, so I had to give it a friend. But really, it was just a tease. Sorry if you got your hopes up.

The New: I have started a new blog. Because, you know, I did so well keeping up with that other one I started (which has a new update! Because Lara finally has a renewed sense of purpose! Or something!), so why not start more? Yes, I see your point. But I started a new one anyway.

This new blog is about me and my faith - what I believe, what I question, what I hope, what I fear, and everything else you might imagine. I think I did a pretty good job laying out what it is and is not in the first post, so why not just go over and have a look, yeah? If you decide it's not for you, no hard feelings, and I'll just enjoy the time you spend with me here.

Without further ado, I send you over to Conversations...

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