Friday, January 18, 2008

I Live For Little Moments Like This

Today, some recent conversations with my charges. Just as a reminder, Older Child (OC) is almost 5 years old, and Younger Child (YC) is 2.5.


YC, looking at my head: You have red in your hair. Why?
Me: Well, I thought it would look nice.
YC: Oh. You have a rainbow in your hair. Why?
Me: I have a what?
YC, touching my headband: A rainbow!
Me: Ohhhh... I have that to hold my hair back.
YC: Oh. You have a shiny thing in your mouth. Why?
Me: Because I think it's interesting.
YC: No, it's not.


[OC, YC and I are all playing upstairs. They're pretending to be monsters, taking turns attacking me.]

YC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Oh no! A scary monster!
OC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Another monster?! Eek!

[We repeat this, multiple times, with the kids going out of the room each time before coming back in as "monsters."]

YC, entering the room: Raar!
Me: Oh no! A scary monster!

[Nothing happens.]

Me: Are there any other monsters out there?
OC, from the hallway outside: Monster #2 is getting ready! Hold on!


[YC and I are pretending to eat "ice cream," which is really a set of dry erase markers.]

YC: Here, you can have this one, it's chocolate.
Me: Yum, I love chocolate!
YC: Yeah, I love chocolate too!
Me: Is your ice cream chocolate?
YC: No, it's another flavor.
Me: What flavor is it?
YC: Magenta and blue.

[Most interesting to note is that the colors of the pens he was holding were neither magenta nor blue - they were red and brown.]


[This one is my favorite. OC and I are snuggled together in his bed, reading stories before I leave him for his daily quiet time.]

Me: You know what, Older Child?
OC: What?
Me: This is one of my favorite times of day.
OC: Why?
Me: Because I like spending time with you, reading quietly.
OC: Without Younger Child?
Me: Without anyone. I like spending special time, just the two of us.
OC, after a pause: This is one of my least favorite times of the day.
Me: Really? That's sad. Why?
OC: Because it's over too fast.


Damn but I love these kids, and I've only been with them for three weeks.


flutter said...

Oh man, they sound so cool!

gnomesque said...

Awww, that last one is just too adorable!

BetteJo said...

Oh you just have to have some of your own one day!

Hanlie said...

Now that's what I call job satisfaction!

LaLa said...

Can one BUY children like that, do they sell them at the shops? I want some.

Mrs. Chili said...


Anonymous said...

It's so awesome when you're loved by children. I feel so blessed to be a kid magnet.

Angela said...

That last one is the kicker. Now I'm officially a pile of mush.

Maxie said...

the last one was so cute.

I love it when my nephew decides to say something sweet instead of running around like a crazy person, lol

Maria said...

lets just all say it now, collectively:

i would so have kids, provided they guaranteed were adorable like that.

tmb said...

Awww ... those kids sound so great!

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, that last one broke my little heart! Glad it's going so well for you :)

Anonymous said...

I love the honesty, hey? "No, it's not". Little cheeky things! :P

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

That last conversation is so profound! Amazing what wisdom there is in little ones, if only we big ones will listen.

Anonymous said...

Shiny thing in mouth = totally interesting.