Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Not Late, I Swear

Ha ha, I'm out drinking, actually, not even drinking, but watching other people drink and waiting until I get to drive them home. Yes that's more compelling than posting, so I jobbed it out.

(J. the proxy poster)

[2:28am, Lara says: This is SO not what I told him to type, but it's close enough. What do you all think - is posting by proxy cheating or am I still good to go on this NaBloPoMo gig?]


Mrs. Chili said...

I say it counts, but I'm not the one making up the rules. I think it's brilliant of you to "post by proxy" though, and I think you should get credit for that...

Happy Thanksgiving!



Amanda said...

I think if you're a DD, then a PP is fine.

Thanks for keeping the roads safe.

Anonymous said...

A post is a post lovely.

flutter said...

Ahhhhh posting and booze....

Anonymous said...

OK so I can't figure out how to comment if someone else hasn't yet. Thanks for the nice Thanksgiving wishes. Here's to another year of things to be thankful for.

Guilty Secret said...

Comments off on your Thanksgiving post?! How will we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving back?!

Have a good one ;)

Lara said...

mrs. C. - you're so right! it IS brilliant and i DO deserve credit! hey, universe, where's my award for awesomeness?

amanda - anytime, sweetie. i'm a safety girl.

lala - and that's my motto for all of this month. ;)

flutter - two great tastes that go great together?

lisa - back at ya, kid. :)

guilty - aw, thanks, dear. happy, um, weekend. :-P