Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Google-y Change of Plans

Well, I should be writing this post from the comfort of my couch, probably with a kitten asleep on my lap and two other cats asleep somewhere in my general vicinity. But instead, I'm still in Las Vegas, using my mom's computer.

Do you feel a horrific travel story coming on?

No, no bad travels here. Actually, it's just more good stuff. My flight was oversold, so I volunteered to give up my seat and take a different flight tomorrow. In return, I got a cool $360 in Southwest flight vouchers and a little extra time with my mom. Everybody wins!

What's that? You say that not everybody wins, because you got nothing out of the deal? Well, you're right, but here's some Google-age to ease the pain.

[My cold is blocking up most pathways of rational thought, so it'll be brief and without categories this time.]

grope athon - Awesome! Do you get people to sponsor you for 24 hours worth of groping? Can I sign up to be a gropee instead of a groper?

knitting german - Is this like the 30-years-later-sequel to The Flying Nun?

my grown up christmas list in my pants - Wow, I definitely thought that was going somewhere else entirely. 'Tis the season, I guess.

i have serious buyers remorse depression - Sounds like it's time for some retail therapy!

I exhale, others inhale - Well, hopefully you're doing a little of both...

"he couldn't stand the thought that you might worry for him" - That's sweet of him, really. I'm pretty self-centered, though, so I probably haven't even given him a second thought. Who are we talking about? See, I don't even know who he is. I think he can rest easy.

Teachers, leave those kids alone, philosophy of education - Well, I've decided what my new motto will be when I return to the classroom. Does the opposite work too?

one might think you rather smitten with me - Darn, does it show? And I was trying so hard to keep my feelings hidden. Can we shag now?

Yes she is - I KNEW it! Ha! The truth shall set you FREE! She never should have tried to hide it, crazy chick.

Oh my gosh, that was the least funny Google-age I've ever done. Blame the horrid virus running rampant through the back side of my face.

Do you have any good searches to help this Sunday get a little funnier?


Anonymous said...

Just "big pores" and "showing there bum"

The incorrect spelling, it hurts.

Glad you got some more time with your Mum xx

Mrs. Chili said...

sadly, my crappy sitemeter doesn't give me all that cool information. I've gotta find a meter that plays well with WordPress; you're having way more fun with your blog than I am...

Kennethwongsf said...

I wonder if the person seeking info on grope-athon was looking for details on those cuddle parties that I've been hearing about.

(Coincidentally, I'm a few hours away from my flight to Vegas. I'll be there tomorrow night.)

Guilty Secret said...

"Sex so good it feels like I'm payin"

As always, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at mine.

Mackey said...

It cracks me up what people search for.

tmb said...

I was soooo wishing I could do Sunday Google-age last night for a post ... but I still don't know how to find out what brings people to my site. Once you're feeling better, can you send me a link or some info?

Glad you got more time with your mom though :) And feel better soon!

BetteJo said...

I've had - "pot holders medicated" - yeah, wouldn't want those pot holders depressed or something. Or - "if i drink pepsi sends me to the restroom" which I personally think is TMI.
Always love your searches!