Saturday, November 10, 2007

The First Mile Marker

It's November 10, which means we're 1/3 of the way through NaBloPoMo. And I'm just now starting to get to that point where I sit down to my computer and think, "Damn, we're only 1/3 of the way there?" Except sometimes the "Damn" is a stronger expletive.

So for today, a couple memes. This first one I've seen a few different places, but most recently over at Tali Bali.

Choose a band (or singer) and answer only in song TITLES by that band:
I've decided to go with the spectacular Rascal Flatts.

Describe yourself: Cool Thing
How do some people feel about you? Winner at a Losing Game
How do you feel about yourself? Words I Couldn't Say.
Describe your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend: Long Slow Beautiful Dance
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: Holes
Describe where you want to be: Life is a Highway
Describe what you want to be: Head Over Heels
Describe how you live: No Reigns
Describe how you love: Fallin' Upside Down
Share a few words of wisdom: Shine On

[There is a kitten asleep on my right arm. This is making typing rather difficult.]

This second one comes from the Meme Queen herself - a countdown meme.


Favorite Color:
Favorite Food: Cereal.
Favorite Month:
December - Christmastime!
Favorite Song:
Yeah, I definitely don't have a favorite song of all time. Currently? Favorite is "Run" by Leona Lewis.
Favorite Movie:
Also no one favorite. Top few include Ghostbusters, The American President, and Horse Feathers.

Favorite Sport: Football.
Favorite Season:
Winter (for all that we have one here).
Favorite Day of the Week:
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Favorite Time of Day:
Late night.


Current Mood:
Relaxed, but a bit restless.
Current Taste:
I'm a bit hungry, but not sure what I want to eat.
Current Clothes:
Gray sweats and a red silk pajama top.
Current Desktop: Painting to right.
Current Toenail Color:
Dark pink, but it's very chipped.
Current Time: 9:14pm.
Current Surroundings:
My living room, which is a mess.
Current Thoughts: I wish someone would ring my doorbell and magically present me with some tasty food.


First Best Friend:
Leslie B., from kindergarten through 8th grade. I wonder what she's up to these days...
First Kiss:
Ross, my high school boyfriend. It was in his car after a day at Disneyland.
First Screen Name:
Leggz1369. "Leggz" was what my sister's best friend used to call me, because, as she said, "that's all you are!" '13' has always been my favorite number. As for the '69' all I can say is that I was 15 and the number was funny at the time.
First Pet:
Fish. Lots of fish. And my mom kept killing them.
First Piercing: Ears, around age 12 or 13.
First Crush: Matt T., also from kindergarten through 8th grade. Maybe even longer. I wonder what he's up to...
First CD:
I have absolutely no idea, seriously. I wish I did, but I don't.


Last Cigarette: Damn. If I'd answered this yesterday I would have been able to say a number of months. Now I have to say last night. Honestly, I smoke, like, four cigarettes a year. It just so happens that one of them was last night.
Last Drink:
Also last night. (I went out with some friends.)
Last Car Ride:
Also last night.
Last Kiss: Also la- Oh, wait, no, not that one. That one was in SoCal a few weeks ago.
Last Movie Seen: I'm watching Trading Places right now. I watched The Exorcist last night (this morning) from 3:00 to 5:30.
Last Phone Call:
Last night, with my mom.
Last CD Played:
Last night in the car I played some of one of my Eva Cassidy CDs.


Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Guy/Girl Friends? Guy? Yes. Girl? No.
Have You Ever Broken the Law:
Have You Ever Been Arrested:
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped:
Nope, but I'm kind of curious, so I'm sure I'll try it someday.
Have You Ever Been on TV:
Yes, I was a child actress, didn't you know?
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know:
Yep, I did the high school graduation trip to Puerto Vallarta. I kissed plenty of someones I didn't know.


Thing You’re Wearing:
Didn't I answer this already? How about something new: I'm wearing a ring on my right hand from my dear friend Eric.
Thing You’ve Done Today:
Exchange emails with a mom about a nanny position.
Thing You Can Hear Right Now:
Trading Places on the TV.
Thing You Can’t Live Without:
Thing You Do When You’re Bored: Play games online.


My bed.
The couch.
The kitchen.
The toilet.
(Go me!)


My mom


Black or White: Black.
Hot or Cold: Cold.


Did anyone actually read through all that? Did anyone learn anything interesting?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I read it all! I learnt that I now have some meme's to nick for my blog.... Is getting to be a loooong month yes?

dancing dragon said...

I would not have guessed that your favorite color is orange!

And I like the painting of the girl holding a violin, curious where it's from.

gnomesque said...

I read the whole thing, and learned plenty.

PS - Thanks :)

tmb said...

Yay music titles meme! And yes, I read to the end, and yes, I learned stuff - Puerto Vallarta in high school (giggity giggity), favorite season is winter (baffling to me), and plenty of other Lara fun facts =)

flutter said...

I think you'd make an excellent mom.

Maggie said...

I read all the way through - and I learned lots of things!

Amanda said...

I learned you could have spaced that out over a week with your defense being the pressure of this month's challenge. Selfishly I am glad you did it one post rather than going the mini-series route.

Anonymous said...

I did too! And learnt plenty of interesting things... I also have days where I don't leave the house!

Orange? Love Eva Cassidy!

Anonymous said...

may have to steal this...but it's hard to choose a band!!!

Lara said...

dancing dragon - yeah, that's because i can't wear it at all, so none of my gowns are ever orange. as for the painting, i saw it in a small gallery when i was in new york. the gallery was closed, though, so i couldn't get a close look to see an artist's name or anything.

gnomesque - you are totally welcome, kid.

amanda - damnit, you're right! hindsight is 20/20...