Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Boss Lady, with a Side of Google-age

Thank you so much to everyone who offered advice and support about my work woes. There are a few things I would like to clarify for you, before I go on to my current thoughts about leaving:

1. Boss Lady has no boss. The "school" is very small - only 12 students at maximum capacity, with her and me as the teachers. She owns a duplex, and the school is on the first story, her home is on the second story. So basically, this is completely her operation. She owns it, she makes all the decisions, and I am her employee. There is no one above her to whom I could take complaints, unless I actually went to Licensing (but she's not breaking any rules, so they can't do anything anyway). There are no "staff meetings" and no "other teachers" to talk to about these things. Basically, this is a dictatorship, and there's no one else to help me.

2. I do want to help the parents, and I do think they deserve to know what's going on, but I don't know how to do that. Because, as I said, Boss Lady has a dictator-thing going, she won't let me tell the parents why I'm leaving even if she did know the real reasons. She'd want me to leave quietly so that - more than likely - she could make up her own reasons and provide them on my behalf. I can't talk to the parents without going behind her back, which would obviously piss her off. Plus, I'd have to walk a fine line between explaining my own reasons for leaving and actually making libelous statements that could cause her to lose business. The latter might lead to legal action if I'm not careful. So how do I really help them?

3. There's actually an excellent chance that I'll never need a reference from her, because of the fact that I don't think preschool is where I want to stay. If I return to being a nanny, those parents would want references from my past nanny positions, and if I return to teaching high school, they would want letters of reference from my supervising teacher and/or college instructors. I could *probably* piss her off without fear of repercussions. That said, it's a risk I don't feel like taking.

4. If I blame my leaving on money, there's no way that she'll offer me enough to stay. I say that because I know what her budget is, and I know how much of a salary increase I'm looking at by returning to nannying. It's impossible for her to offer me a raise in her current budget. Unless she starts using Monopoly money...

5. Last but not least, many of you strongly suggested I wait until I have another job first. And of course, that's my plan. However, I can honestly say that if the kind of psychological abuse I'm feeling continues, I may not be able to stay that long. But yes, I'm hoping to find another job first. I've definitely been looking.

So that's the word on Boss Lady. Makes me sad to have to leave the kids, because I love working with them, but I just can't stay with her in this kind of situation. Here's hoping something good comes up in my job search soon.


In happier news, it's time for

Asking the Tough Questions

Body Language and Appearance when being in love? - All I know is this ain't it.

best compliment you've ever received? - I think I answered this in a meme somewhere, but I'll repeat: "I love you." I think any man, woman, or child who sincerely loves me and tells me so is giving me the greatest compliment of life.

tippi hedron is a bad mother? - Did she buy her kids a bunch of pet birds or something?

how do you wear ballet flats without getting blisters? - Don't tell anyone, but sometimes? I actually do get blisters. But then I wear a band-aid and all is well with the world again. Seriously, band-aids. Try them.

why do i not love myself? - Because you're a giant a-hole and can't stand your own company? I'm just floating ideas here...

what is "the mirror technique"? - This is a family-friendly blog, sir. I can't possibly discuss that here.

how much to charge for lawn mowing - Depends on how good a job you do. Anything more than $3,000, though, is just highway robbery.

what is my aunt's mother? - Probably your grandmother. Unless you're from West Virginia or something, and then she might be your cousin. And sister. And maybe even your uncle.

"what do you buy" a man whose dad died - A big bottle of whiskey. Just take his car keys first.

How many marbles did he start with? - 18. Obviously.

is it normal to have a crush on your sibling? - Not where I'm from, kid...

how can i convince my wife to dress kinky when we go out? - Honestly? I think bribery is going to be your best bet here. Oh, and alcohol. LOTS of alcohol.

Why Is It Always About You?

I want to be a pharmacist but it's hard - I want to be a mom, but it's hard too. Sometimes you just gotta get over your own pansy-ass fears and find a way to live your dream.

i am skeevy ed - I'm glad to meet you, Skeevy Ed. I'm Melodramatic Lara.

I dance in my underwear - Without visual evidence of this, I don't think I can believe you. Post something to YouTube and get back to me.

I'm not going back to high school - You need to finish this off by stomping your foot, crossing your arms against your chest, and saying "So there!" I'm sure your parents will be so proud.

i hate holden - Don't we all?

I need to see some ready life and work related mottos - Go for a drive and read some bumper stickers. Those things are everywhere once you really start looking.

And our WTF?! for today:

age progress your face - Age progress your MOM! Ha!

How're your stats doing, folks?


flutter said...

omg "age progress your MOM!" is *so* my new go-to insult!

BetteJo said...

My newest favorite "google-age" - somebody found me by typing in - tampon petting.
New sport maybe?

Guilty Secret said...

The incest worries me. I got "I had drunken sex with my 25-year-old sister" recently. I have had some funny ones but that is just too tragic to laugh at :(

I just checked mine now and my last hit (as I write this) was from "you suggested we undress for dinner" - sometimes I really wonder when people google in the first person addressing google as the second person...?!

Anonymous said...

What? Apart from about 20 sad people coming to my blog every day for Matt farking Lattanzi?

"Big pores"
"Bad Girls"
"I love you backround"

What are these people trying to tell me?

mks said...

This Sunday Googleage is interesting to me would you believe I have blogged for almost 4 years and have checked my stats maybe 4 times. You make it sounds interesting....I will have to try it.

elysa said...

I love your comment about dancing in underwear that is hilarious. googlers are so weird1

Anonymous said...

Age progress me face too. And, trust me, you will so never need a reference from her!

Maggie said...

I love your sunday google age! I can't believe the crazy things that people type into google sometimes...

GHD said...

Either someONE or several someones in a certain city wants to know "what do you do with a toddler all day?"

I may have one, but I still don't know...

Lara said...

flutter - you'll find it works in EVERY situation. seriously.

bette jo - yeah, i get a lot of "tampon shooting." apparently there are many varieties of tampon sports!

guilty secret - wow, that one merits some therapy; too bad you have no idea how to suggest that to the googler.

lala - yeah, YOU'RE the reason that i now get random "matt lattanzi gay" searches and stuff. thanks for that...

mks - reading through your stats will give you so many awesome chuckles. seriously, just try it.

elysa - yes, they are completely weird. and slightly disturbing.

nutmeg - that's my hope!

i know you can hear me... - i'm glad you enjoy it! i love doing it, because it gives me so many good laughs. :)

GHD - i don't think anyone really knows what to do with a toddler all day. but that's just a hunch. ;)