Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Got Nothin'

Right, so, that whole "guest blogger" thing? Apparently didn't work out like I thought it would. So sad. I'll be trying it again in two weeks, but if that falls through too, I'm done. Clearly it would just mean that Blogger intends me to fly this sky solo, sans support of the guest-post variety. Let the suspense draw you in until we see what happens.

What's that? You're wondering how my trip to New York was? Oh, it was awesome. Beyond awesome. And exactly what I needed. More details (and some awesome - beyond awesome - photos) to come soon. When I'm not flat-out exhausted like I am right now.

Looking at my Bloglines, it appears I have upwards of a hundred unread blog posts. Because I suck and am too tired to read them right now (and, let's be honest, maybe ever), I am asking you to sum it up for me. What did I miss? What happened over the last five days or so in your worlds? Tellmetellmetellme!

Oh, and tell me you missed me. 'Cause I'm needy like that.

[Insert a wink here, to soften the unabashed attention-craving comment above. Wink!]


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time in NYC. :)

Anonymous said...

Of course we missed you! Welcome back! Rest up nicely and then tell us all...

Nothing much on my side, except that I'm almost pregnant... 6 days late, but no positive yet! Going for a blood test on Friday! Hold thumbs!

mks said...

OF COURSE I missed you. To sum up -The Red Sox won and are one step closer to the World Series their nemisis the Yankees lost and are out of it YEAH! I love my golf lessons, cleaned a lot at the house and had a kick ass job interview (last Friday).

mks said...

P.S. Please tell your friend hanlie - "pee on a stick" why wait till Friday???

Mayberry said...

Missed you! And I haven't posted since Friday (until this morning) so you didn't miss anything in my life either.

Guilty Secret said...

Glad to hear you had fun. I got my blog reviewed! Check it out here:


I know, that's cheating, but it's a short post!

Anonymous said...

Tali: Hi Lara! Glad you're back. I had fun dancing with you last night, thanks for the invite.
Tali's Muscles: Ouch. I feel like a rock.

=) =) =)

Anonymous said...

NEW YORK? Just 2 HOURS from my dinner table! Bugger.

What you missed:
I'm pregnant, getting a divorce, and won the lottery.

Okay, I've got nothing too!

flutter said...

Missed you :)

Dee said...

I missed you so much that I decided to go on a blogging strike while you were gone. Well, either that or I was too busy sleeping and watching TV to write anything.

Tandava said...

Luckily, I read this blog for your posts, so I didn't miss the guest blogger (or even notice her lack of posting). And to be honest, guest blogging on personal blogs sort of bugs me, since I'm always late on the context shift.

As for what you missed, I tried out for Decadance last week. Callbacks are tonight. Decision time (on both sides) after that.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your blog and am always glad to read a new post. I feel really connected to you and am glad you had a nice trip.

Yuriko said...

I miss NY... I'm glad you had fun. :) For me: Went to see the Blue Angels, had dim sum, spent way too much money, frogged a baby blanket.. restarted it.. got tix to see the Niners in december :)

Lara said...

hanlie - ooh! am crossing fingers for you!

tali - glad you could come, though i'm sorry to hear about your muscles. i seem to have done something to anger my right shoulder muscle, but other than that i'm okay (so far).

nutmeg - your comment gave me a fucking heart attack! don't ever do that again!

graham - good luck with that, and let me know what happens!

yh - tickets for the niners? i want to come!

elysa said...

I feel special that you visited me knowing you have so many unread posts. I don't think my feedreader will ever say 0 unread.

If you are wanting a guest blogging gig I am looking for more - doing a weekly series (on Thursdays) on advice for being twentysomething.

Anonymous said...

News item 1: I met Tali!

News item 2: I tried out for like 3 dance groups (saw Graham at one of 'em) and am now exhausted. And yay, I finally get to perform :)

News item 3: Yay, you're back!