Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Birthday Wish

Saturday is my birthday, and I will be an ancient 25 years old. That's right, a quarter-century gone already. It's exciting. Really. Don't I look excited?

... Ahem.

Many of you out there may be wondering what to get me for my birthday. Because come on, let's face it, you all love me and want to buy me stellar gifts. It's true - don't even try to deny it. And because I'm slightly difficult to shop for, I'm going to help you out by telling you *exactly* what I want from you.

Now wait, don't leave me all upset because I'm so rude as to actually expect a gift. First and most importantly - the above sarcasm aside - I don't really think most of you out there even knew my birthday was coming up, let alone planned to give me a present. Secondly, once you hear what I'm asking for from you, I think you'll be less inclined to consider me a selfish brat.

So here's what I want: I want you to give a gift to someone else on your blog. That's what I want for my birthday. It can be a virtual gift - in fact, I highly encourage these. Offer someone peace of mind, a calorie-free meal, three hours of silence, or pleasant dreams. Remember my Christmas list? Think of that as a jumping-off point. Or, if you'd rather, you can get a little more tangible - write someone an ode, make a list of compliments, or cheer someone for his/her achievements. And yes, if you really must, you can actually go out and buy a material gift for someone, too.

As I said, I'd like you to do this in a post on your blog - if you give a material gift, you can recap it on your blog. Don't have a blog? No worries, just give someone an extra hug, pat someone on the back, do someone a favor for no reason. Take a moment to really give a special gift to someone you care about - someone who is not me. The point is that the greatest present I could have is to know that everyone reading is stepping out and passing on the love to someone else in the world.

Leave me a comment with a link to your post (or a description of your gift, if you are blog-less), and on Saturday (my birthday!), I'll compile a list of everyone's gifts in a big thank-you card. Belated presents are okay if you can't get a post up by Saturday - I can happily add names later. And hey, maybe you could even tell other folks about it, and we can really spread the love through the blogosphere.

Contact me if you have any questions - I'd be happy to clear up confusion if I haven't explained myself well. And thanks in advance for all my presents! I can already tell that this is going to be a GREAT birthday. :)


jittacatgirl said...

okay, i can do this.

i think.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Excited? Actually, you look perplexed, as in "How did I get to be so old so fast?"

Regardless of how you look or feel, have a great day of celebrating those 25 years!

Daisy said...

25 is mature, but not old. I am old -- my daughter is 20! Enjoy this year. I remember 25 as a wonderful year all around.

Aimee said...

Perfect timing. I need to send something to someone (who reads your blog). Should I ruin the surprise? hehe.

Happy Birthday!!!

Wolf Lover Girl said...

You're a youngin'. In case I don't sign in on Saturday - Happy Birthday.

As for your gift, I think I know what it is. I'll go post it now! :-)

~ Wolf Lover Girl

Anonymous said...

Problem is, Your are the only one on your blog that I have the email addy for!! So I guess it's a gift for you!! And NO peeking!!!!

OH to be 25 again!! Savor it sweetie!! ;)

Tandava said...

25 is a fine age. And in the Great-Minds-Think-Alike department, I also liked what Scott Adams asked everyone to do for my (well, okay, his) birthday, on his blog. I've never been much of a presents person (giving or getting) but I like this trend.

Anonymous said...

You're a sweetie pie, you know that?

Chris Cactus said...

ANCIENT at 25? I hope not. I'm 34. What would that mean for me?!

Lara said...

jitta - yes, you can do it. :)

CTG - i do often wonder that, yes. thanks for the celebration wish!

daisy - nah, old isn't until 80 or so. :-P

aimee - hooray for good timing!

wolf lover girl - you're quick! thanks much for the gift. :)

r u serious? - you don't need the email address necessarily. you can post it without even telling the person, if you really want. but thanks either way.

graham - wow, i didn't realize i was in such noble company. thanks for the link. and i'm enjoying this particular trend too. :)

tense teacher - aw, shucks. :-P

chris - well, i guess by that logic you'd be... um... ancienter?

Anonymous said...

Okay, all done! ♥ I need your mailing address again so I can send you a card, I'm a scatterbrain who's lost yours! =X

Anonymous said...

Come on Lara, you are not ancient, this is just the beginning. You have the entire life in front of you,enjoy that!Take a look at some of the cute gift ideas in my blog.

Angela said...

Something happened to us last night and we did a good thing for someone, so I wrote about it. Let's just say it was all in your honor and happy birthday!

Lara said...

aly - thanks! and yay for mail!

julia - very... um... cute. :)

angela - hahahahaha... i love your retroactive gift-giving. :-P

Unknown said...

Happy 25th Birthday!!!!
25 was a powerful year for me.
I wish you lots of love, peace, and discovery.
Be well~