Friday, May 04, 2007

This Is Why They Love Me

Another possible solution: Write shorter posts.

Today in class, one of the students came in with an important question for me. "Miss David," he said, "on the last day of school, would you rather see Meter Stick Melee Day or Roller Chair Racing?"

"Um, neither," I replied. He and a couple other students spent a while trying to convince me, and we were joking around about other options. For example, I suggested everyone wearing innertubes and having a game of Bumper Chairs or something. But then I came up with something BRILLIANT.

"Ohmigosh!" I yelled. "I just came up with a GREAT idea! One person pushes another in the roller chair, and the person sitting in the chair carries a meter stick. Then we can have a Roller Chair Meter Stick Jousting Tournament!" This won me, in the words of one student, the permanent title of "Coolest Teacher Ever."

Now if only I can convince the rest of the staff...


Pwetty Flowa!


Sandra said...

You do sound like the greatest teacher ever!

i've missed ya


Aimee said...

Heee. That sounds like fun!
We did shopping cart races on my last day of Freshman year of high school. Good times.

Pretty flower!

Anonymous said...

It's like a better version of playing yardstick baseball with Mr. Mauser.

Anonymous said...

Okay, no one else has said it, so I'll step up... "You'll poke your eye out!"

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I joust sounds right jolly, I say! I hope your colleagues and the powers that be agree to it.

Major Bedhead said...

Jousting on rolling chairs. What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

I am such a fan of short posts. Short attention span. Four screaming kids. PPDAD. I'm with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

HEY! where is you. me misses you. >:(

Lara said...

sandra - i've missed you so much too! glad to see you around again. :)

aimee - shopping cart races? awesome!

seeser - oh, mr. mauser. what a doofus. meterstick jousting is totally different from yardstick baseball.

tense teacher - no, i'll poke someone ELSE'S eye out, which is not a problem with me. ;)

CTG - i hope so too! but i already know they won't. they have this weird thing about protecting our resources, and that includes the rolling chairs and metersticks. :-P

major bedhead - i know, right? i can't think of a single thing...

nutmeg - well then i'm glad i could give you something readable today! :)

kimmie - i miss you too! it was good to see you tonight. :)