Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Dated an Aussie and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

No, wait, I got no t-shirt. What I did get was a nasty case of Blogstipation. For those unfamiliar with this disease, it's... well, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I'm completely stopped up with respect to blog topics. Like, there is just nothing. Nada.

Which of course is completely untrue. There's always something. I am not the kind of woman who is ever at a lack for words. I have plenty of ideas - things that have occurred to me, that I've written down, conversations I've had, etc. I just can't seem to get myself to put them down onto the screen. And why is that?

Because of Aussie Boy.

That's right, he's sucking up all my time and attention these days - I'm going to start calling him Hoover. I just can't seem to tear myself away long enough to write interesting and coherent blogs. And to be honest, that's kind of sad.

I miss you all, my bloggy friends. I'm still around, of course, but I haven't been as good about commenting as I usually am, and I feel like when I do comment, I'm making no sense. I barely have time to read all of your blogs, hence the complete lack of time to actually update my own. So sad, right?

Of course, there are a few different solutions here. I could stop seeing Aussie Boy, for one. Of course, I don't like that plan at all. Spending time with Aussie Boy is fun, and our time is limited as it is - he'll be leaving the country in September. So why cut it even shorter?

I could stop doing my school work. My time used to be roughly split between blogging and schoolwork. Now it's mostly Aussie Boy and schoolwork. I could shift the balance to Aussie Boy and blogging. However, if I still want to graduate in a little over a month (ACK!), this is probably not a great plan.

I could shut down my blog. No point half-assing, it right? If I can't blog well, maybe I just shouldn't blog. But who are we kidding, really. I would just about die before shutting down my blog for a boy. Any boy who wants to be a part of my life - even for only five months - better be willing to accept my blogging persona as a part of that life.

That said, I think we're left with this: Aussie Boy needs to start helping me make time for blogging. Maybe this means that occasionally, when I go over to his place to hang out, we "hang out" with computers, and he can surf the net while I blog.

But one way or another, something's gotta give. 'Cause posts that say, "Hi, I have nothing to say!" are really not my style.

Any of you have suggestions?


And for your daily dose of flora, I give you:


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you'd been, comment-wise :) I fully understand your problem, so how about this? Have 'Aussie Boy' start his OWN blog!!! That way when you "hang out" you could blog together. Plus, you could show him the ropes! He might turn out to be an excellent writer, like you! Just a thought...

Hope you get your T-Shirt

Caffeinated Librarian said...

Uhhhhh...I'll take "Enjoy your time with the dude and blog when and if you feel like it" for $100, Alex.

Duh. You're due, daggnabbit. Enjoy yourself already.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen solutions to solve all your problems:
1.) Blunt object to the back of Aussie Boy's head. (Violence should always be the first option.)
2.) Just tell everyone that Aussie boy is actually a figment of your imagination. (Warning: this may have a Russian Doll effect when your blog audience informs you that you're actually a figment of their imagination.)
3.) Buy a herd of monkeys on Ebay and get some old typewriters from Staples. Their best work each day might not reach the heights of your usual blog entries, or they may just keep spitting out Shakespeare. Either way, you don't have time to argue with monkeys.
4.) Stop reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Oh that's right, you're not. This "to-do" list is really getting out of hand now isn't it?
5.) Did you try a sharper object on Aussie Boy? The stomach's a nice weak area to aim at.
6.) Frgt th vwls.
7.) Hire a body double. That way you can dedicate yourself to the blog and both Stanford and Aussie Boy will be none-the-wiser.
10.) Skip numbers when making lists. No one will ever notice, and you won't have to think up as many different things!
11.) Eating, sleeping and deep breaths all seem innocent enough when looked at in isolation, but when you're not looking they work together in a grand time-thieving conspiracy. Can they really be trusted in this time of tightened blog-world security?
12.) Australians are at their most vulnerable when asleep...
13.) Don't stress about it. Aussie Boy's no doubt fully aware of your blog-dedication and being the awesome bloke that he is will happily step back to allow you to keep properly in touch with everyone. (Or he might think you're got another man called Blogodan and you just prefer him. If this is true, perhaps point Blogodan to solution #1.)

Dee said...

I agree with caffeinated librarian. We'll be here when you come back. Enjoy yourself with Aussie Boy! :)

Unknown said...

Enjoy each and every moment with your very own vacuum cleaner and...don't stop have faithful and patient readers:)

Still Jill B said...

My comment on the subject was just self-censored, as I have a natural predilection AGAINST Aussie-type-boys, who keep swooping in and stealing away my unsuspecting female friends. AAARGH!!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I'm dating an Aussie and I don't even have a tshirt.

(Pretend that I'm not Australian too, alright?) Hee.

How about we start getting some mushy loveydovey posts about le relationship? *is nosey*

Anonymous said...

Half-ass it! Half-ass from you is better than a bunch of asses-in-full elsewhere.

One of these days I'm planning on putting up the post: I got nothin'!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just read Aussie Boy's comment - screw the blog.

Kilgore Trout said...

yeah I'm with, uh everyone. Half-ass the blog when you feel up to it, if it slides for a while, who cares? We'll come back whenever you do.

You've got a little bit of school and a limited about of time with the aussie, have fun. screw the blogs. When you have something major to say, just drop comments to us and we'll come back.

Enjoy yourself.

aMom2E said...

I agree that you should let Aussie boy come first, but I also like to idea of getting the low down on happenings with Aussie Boy. His comment proves that he is freaking fabulous!! Kudos to you for snagging that one. You are such a rock star blogger that I also agree half-ass if way better then full ass from the rest of us on a good day! YOU ROCK!!

IMC Guy said...

Guys are always screwing things up, aren't they? Did you ever think that he's missing out on doing something he likes because of you? I'm saying that as a positive - it's all about priorities. I'd love to blog more and read more blogs, as most people probably do, but other things often take center stage.

We'll give you a break until September when we'll expect at least a blog a day!

Kara said...

(crossing icky boundary here- sorry). Your blog will never keep you warm (or anything else)in your bed at night.

Just have fun. You deserve it :)

Lara said...

r u serious? - aussie boy has decided to blog via the comments section of my blog. :-P and i hope i get my t-shirt too...

CL - thanks, lady. you know, i am enjoying myself quite a bit... ;)

aussie boy - thanks for the thursday thirteen. i'm totally impressed that you've already learned the blog schedule well enough to fill that in for me. also, i'm totally impressed that everyone seems to love you so much already. the fan mail is pouring in...

dee - will do, but i'm going to try to stick around for a while in the meantime, too. :)

tori - awww, thanks. i have no current plans to stop blogging. just maybe will slow down a bit while i go out and live life. :)

jill b - oh dear! well, this aussie seems not to have done any swooping so far, so i think we're okay. i'll keep you posted, though.

aly - yeah, i think that your dating an aussie is a bit different, kid. but yeah, i'll try to start working on some mushy relationship posts soon.

nutmeg - wow, that was quite a compliment! i occasionally have posts that are based solely on a photo. those are my "i got nothin" posts. and aussie boy was soooo smug after reading your comment, so thanks for that. :-P

kilgore trout - well it's very nice to know you all will plan to come back. :) i'd be sad to leave and lose all my wonderful bloggy friends!

ffbgirl - as i said to nutmeg, thanks for giving aussie boy something to be quite smug about. he loves the "fan mail" he's getting here. and yeah, as i told aly, i'll work on mushy "i love aussies!" posts soon. :-P

IMC guy - he doesn't claim to be missing out on anything, but then again, he didn't really know very many people in this country before, so he mostly sat around watching movies or old star trek episodes. i think i'm actually doing him a huge favor. ;)

cape buffalo - oh that is too too true. aussie boy, on the other hand... ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh love, I have just been through this.

The only thing I could work out was that my blogging thrives when I am a bit miserable and lonely. Hungover. That helps too.

I vote that you spend time with your new Aussie loooovaaahh and just write when you can and when you feel inspired.

We are patient bloggy friends :)