Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Picture Post

To start, a brief note: I've updated my links lists for the first time in many weeks, so check out the new additions. If you believe I've unintentionally left you out, you're probably wrong and I meant to leave you out because I don't like you. Kidding! (Probably.) If you've been added to my links, you win! This means I love you and stalk you, by which I mean that Bloglines stalks you on my behalf. Hooray for linky love!


And now, to the pictures I promised in the title. Last weekend I went to the shopping center with Aussie Boy (G'day, Aussie Boy!) for lunch, window shopping, and photo-taking. We had a good time, and he was kind and patient to put up with my repeatedly stopping to take almost 400 photos. Here, I share with you some of the more interesting shots of the day...

The epitome of luxury:

celebrates the Resurrection with jewel-filled eggs!

Because nothing says, "God so loved the world..." like diamonds in little plastic eggs.


While walking through one of the main plazas in the mall, we saw an adorable little doggy:

Hello, Cute Doggy!

See Cute Doggy sniff.

See Cute Doggy maul Tigger.

See Cute Doggy get way too close to the camera.

Not too long after we paused to admire Cute Doggy, another cute doggy came by to make friends. I think it was love at first sniff:

Eventually, they had to part ways, but a Beautiful Toddler came to play with Cute Doggy, and I think that softened the blow. Unfortunately, Beautiful Toddler and Cute Doggy had a somewhat tempestuous relationship, brief though it was. Here is their story:

Beautiful Toddler: "Hello, Cute Doggy. I think I love you. Would you like to play?"

Cute Doggy: "If by 'play' you mean 'lick your hand,' then yes! I would love to!"

Beautiful Toddler and Cute Doggy: "Come! Let us run and frolic, basking in our new love!"

[Cute Doggy and Beautiful Toddler become entangled, and Beautiful Toddler comes crashing on her Pampers-cushioned rear.]

Beautiful Toddler: "I HATE you, Cute Doggy! You're UGLY and STINKY like POOP!"

Beautiful Toddler: "I'm only waving goodbye because Mommy says I should. But I still hate Cute Doggy."

My favorite part of that last picture is the look on the older sister's face. She looks like she just ate a fart.


Aussie Boy had to buy something for his one-year-old nephew. He said something to the effect of his having no idea what kinds of gifts would be appropriate for that age level, and I told him this was no problem, as I was an expert. It didn't take long to convince him of the awesomeness that is Sandra Boynton:

He also bought Go, Dog, Go! which is one of his beloved favorites. After a while, we found a set of statues who seemed well suited to pose with it for us:

In case you can't tell, that is a dog in the middle:

At least, we think it is. All of these statues were very strange to us. Here's a picture of the first one we found, with Aussie Boy for scale:

Those things creep me out. And it turns out the the sculptor is my supervising teacher's landlord. He's made millions off these tiny-headed freaks. Who woulda thought?


That's it for today. I got tons of great flower shots, so I'm thinking of making May a month of flowers - at the end of every post, I'll post a flower picture, just to add some spring beauty. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Loved photos and the commentary! Great idea too!! May as flower month!!!! Who'da Thunk?

Wait!! 400 hundred pictures??? You have some posting to do.

Fun post!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and sorry you don't like me :(
I lose.......

Wolf Lover Girl said...

I sooo loved the story line between the cute little doggy and the cute little girl. Too bad their relationship isn't a lasting one. ;-)

~ Wolf Lover Girl

IMC Guy said...

Thanks for adding me to your list of reads-I hope to keep you somewhat entertained. I do have one request, however - when you update your list again, could you change the name of my link from Teaching, Tech.... to IMC Guy?

I can totally see your doggy/toddler story playing out with my son!

Anonymous said...

Great doogy/toddler story! It was adorable, as were the characters.

Keep up the pics (I don't care about flowers much, but I'll take what I can get).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and "looks like she ate a fart" might be the best new phrase I have heard in a very long time!

Amanda said...

Can a fart be eaten? I don't even want to know how someone discovered that piece of trivia.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, m'dear. I want to steal the puppy. PUPPY! ♥

Hey! Where are the pictures of YOU though?

(Am still loving that you have an Aussie companion. Great choice.) ;)

TSM Oregon said...

...Because nothing says "I Love You" like that 'I smell farts' expression.


Anonymous said...

Those sculptures kinda freak me out. Heads are so little.

Anonymous said...

Moo Baa La La La is my bitch!

Aimee said...

tiny-headed freaks!?! LOL


May flowers would be FABULOUS.

Bar L. said...

Saw your award/interview over at Necessary Therapy and had to stop by and say hello.

Your photos are really fun.

jittacatgirl said...

do they have cute doggies in france?


Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures and reading over your commentary. The doggy was very cute. :-)


tpiglette said...

Okay, I'm weighing in kind of late. I agree, those sculptures are WEIRD.

I love your photos though! Great shots!