Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Google-age

Happy Easter! Not that this is any way Easter themed - it just happens to coincide with Easter.

On with the searches...

HOW TO PLANT DANCING DRAGON PLANTS - Yes, I'll start with your search, because with the all caps I decided it must be really urgent. Unfortunately, I have no idea what dancing dragon plants even are, let alone how to plant them. I do know a Dancing Dragon blogger, though, and she's cool. She does not, however - so far as I know - need planting.

what does tilf mean? - It means "Teacher I'd Like to F-" And yes, I am totally a TILF, as evidenced by the sexual harrassment issues we had earlier in the semester. And no, it's not flattering - it's creepy.

blogspot newsbreak - Lara David has posted. Tune in at 11 for more info.

sad faces - These make me sad. Sad, sad, sad. That does not, however, seem to stop me from making sadfaces. So sad. Are you sad now? I'm sad now. Maybe we should alleviate the sadness with something less sad. I used the word 'sad' so many times in this paragraph. That's sad.

hooters wedding - Ah, the opposite of sad. Nothing sad about a "delightfully tacky, yet unrefined" wedding.

life is funny but not laughable - I disagree. I think life is both funny and laughable. Sometimes it's funny strange instead of funny ha-ha, and then it's not laughable so much. But usually it is.

frilly lily, bikini wax - I'm sorry, WHAT?

black bottomed pools - You make the rockin' world go 'round!

"i'd rather be skating" - Roller or ice? Why don't you go? Personally, I'd rather be rolling around in a big pile of money.

punchline poetry - Also known as "limericks."

sexy mom picture - Here's one: My mom, doing a little WCS (West Coast Swing) with the counter top. That's actually how Seeser and I learned to dance, using the counter as a partner.

it's the rule of life how everything you've ever wanted in life comes the very moment you stop looking for it - Well, while this feels mildly annoying at times, it really kind of makes sense, right? I mean, what sort of idiot keeps looking for what he wants AFTER he finds it? Aren't we supposed to stop looking for it then?

letter to my younger self - I wrote one of these once. I'm still not doing very well at following my own advice, though. Boy, there are soooo many things I wish I could warn myself about - even just the me of a year ago.

open marriage blog - I'm not sure if they have blogs specifically for this or not, but even if so, this isn't one of them.

How to hold a clothing exchange for my friends? - Get some clothes. Get some friends. Now exchange! (The clothes, not the friends.)

chuckles candy and education - What more could a girl ask for, really?

tortured his big toe - Were you in pursuit of important information or just really angry with him? Either way, I'm not sure torture is the best answer.

female led relationships - Aren't all the best relationships female-led? I mean, sometimes the female lets the male believe that he's "in charge," but we all know the truth. Or maybe you're talking about females who really, er, take charge of a relationship. If that's the case, I think there are other websites you might want to visit, probably involving the word "dominatrix" or something.

teacher + skirt + blouse - Equals decently covered classroom professional. Whether she's fashionable or not depends on the particular skirt and blouse.

educational memes - If you ask me, all memes are educational. I find myself constantly learning new things about other bloggers through their memes. :)

"english geek" you know you're - It's true. I am. I know it. We ALL know it.

musty smell while dancing - That is nasty. You are dancing with the wrong people. From now on, before accepting a dance from anyone, take a good, long whiff of the air. If the word "musty" comes to mind, just say NO.

how to teach my 3 year old his/her basic body parts - Well, I'd say the first step would be making sure you know whether you're teaching "his" body parts or "hers." Hopefully it won't be hard to figure it out.

do my tears mean a thing to you? - Yes, they mean that you're sad. Or laughing really hard. Or suffering from allergies. Or chopping onions.

ovid quotes strong and tough - "I sing of Ovid, strong and tough." Anyone else out there get that? Or is that an "english geek" thing?

life weird moments pictures - Ah, it's always great to capture the weird moments in photographs. Let's take a vote: Which is the weirdest life moment picture?

Until next Sunday...


TSM Oregon said...

love love LOVE the Googlage!! I tried to copy it once. But it wasn't the same. SO I quit.

tmb said...

Not sure about Ovid, but I totally caught the Queen reference in there =P

Lemme know when you want to do a photoshoot. I'm in =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks God you poster, as I mentioned to you yesterday, I have read the WHOLE internet.

You made my day!

Anonymous said...

Not "you poster", "you posted".

alisonwonderland said...

i love it! especially the "female led relationships"! :o)

shelleycoughlin said...

I don't know why, but my statcounter never lists any of the searches by which people find my blog. I guess people either just aren't finding it at all, or my blog has nothing funny in it that people might find through weird searches.

Anonymous said...

Oh my you get get some strange hits! LOL

Love the pics.

IMC Guy said...

Female-led relationships?? TILF?? Nice, this was very entertaining.

Lara said...

TSM - i love the google-age too, it cracks me up. and i liked yours too! no need to quit. :)

tali - yay queen! the ovid one comes from an e.e. cummings poem: "i sing of olaf glad and big." that's what i kept thinking of with that one search. and yes, photo shoot maybe next weekend?

lala - you knew i would. ;) i'm glad to give you some entertainment, as always.

alison - oh, yeah. all good relationships are led by females.

nancy - maybe you just need a better stats keeper or something. there MUST be some funny searches somewhere...

aimee - i know, don't i, though? people are weird.

IMC guy - yeah, internet types can be weird sometimes. ;)