Sunday, April 15, 2007

'Cause That's My Fun Day

You know you've been waiting all week for this...

Sniff, Sniff...

cologne education feb - February is apparently cologne education month! This is where we all learn about cologne and why skeevy guys wear Way. Too. Much.

rose scent memory - What does it make you remember? Roses have no particular memory associations for me, though I do love the smell. Fresh flowers make me happy, particularly roses.

cabbage patch kids smell baby powder vanilla - Isn't that smell so yummy? Especially the preemies. Of course, it's generally nowhere near what real babies smell like - real babies smell even nicer, because they're so snuggly and sweet and you just love them. Or maybe that's just me.

Scent of a Woman blog - This blog isn't solely dedicated to women's scents. Or maybe you want to know what a woman's blog smells like. If that's the case, I can say it smells pretty much the same as any blog: like your computer.

after the rain smelling colognes - Interesting phenomenon you're describing here. Personally, I don't smell colognes after it rains. I smell fresh flowers and dirt and a little bit of winter from home. All of which is, in my opinion, better than cologne.

woman's great smelling soap - In my experience, if you like the woman, you find her soap great smelling, simply because it reminds you of her. It's actually quite a touching thing.

Because the Feet People Won't Go Away

schoolgirl feet - Technically, since I'm still in (graduate) school, don't all my shoe pictures qualify as "schoolgirl feet" pictures?

quotes about flip flops and tans - Um... A wise man once said, "A flip flop on the foot is worth a tan on the hand." Or something like that.

photos getting pedicure - What's the point of this? I mean, why not get the photo after the pedicure, 'cause at least that way you know the feet already look nice. No point seeing the work in progress, right?

shoes pictorial timeline - Er, what do you mean by "pictorial timeline"? I mean, I don't really recall my life chronologically by which shoes I was wearing, nor do I think of my shoes in terms of which pairs I bought first. However, there are certainly plenty of shoe pictures floating around this site, so you can make your own timeline, if you like.

funky flip flops/how to - How to... what? How to make them? Or just how to make them funky? If by funky you mean funkadelic, '70's style, then I can help you out. If by funky you mean nasty-smelling, then I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

pedicure education - Practice makes perfect, so I say just go in for weekly sessions and you'll have no problem after a while.

close-up pAINTED TOES HEELS - Make up your mind: Do you want the toes or the heels?

ballet flats and blisters - The greatest pairing since PB&J.

"crazy foot fetish" - Yep, this is the place for it. The foot pictures never end...

hbm chucks - Yes, HBM did claim to have a pair of Chucks. She's the one who told me you're never too old for Chucks. I've taken it to heart and learned to love mine.

"my sexiest shoes" pic - Tough call, but I think I'd have to go with one of these two:

And lastly, a few...

Direct Addresses

"I make lists for " - Eek! Quick! Send help! This poor Googler has died in mid-search!

i can only breathe when i yawn - That must suck. I guess you just have to keep yawning or else you'll kick it for good, huh?

who said we need a bigger boat? - Yeah, and what business is it of theirs anyway? Damn busybodies need to just mind their own lives for a while - we'll get whatever size boat we damn well please!

God "meant to be single" - Of course she "did." God wouldn't be single "by accident." She's just "smarter" than the rest of us in realizing that she's better off "flying solo."

be patient and tough someday this pain will be useful to you - Well thanks for that bit of trite garbage. I'll embroider that right on a little pillow and sleep with it every night.

my mom mother worries about me staying out late - That's only because she loves you. My mom mother worries about my meeting strange men through online personal ads, but I just ignore her and do it anyway.

what is happiness and honestly in chinese for a tattoo - I have no idea. Try asking someone who can read/write Chinese.

what is after bits bs education - I don't know, but that's probably because I have no idea what "bits bs education" is either. I mean, I know what "BS education" is, but I don't know what "bits" have to do with it.

i speak without thinking - That can only lead to trouble, kid - trust me. Try to get a bit of self-control if you can. Or just stop speaking entirely.

can excel or trident gum poison you? - Excel can annoy you when it won't format your data the way you're telling it to. And Trident gum can probably give you a yucky aftertaste if you chew it for too long. But I'm pretty sure neither can poison you.

I wish you all a happy start to the week... unless you're in that crazy part of the world where it's already closing in on the middle of the week, in which case, I wish you a happy continuation of the week. :)


Anonymous said...

Alright woman! I need more details on your fabulous weekend! I just know you're creating a great entry about it RIGHT NOW. :P

Anonymous said...

I think I may have taken both of the sexy shoe pictures =) Woot!

Unknown said...

I love every aspect of this post.
From a fellow shoe lover...thanks for the lovely photos.
From someone who is super sensitive to scents...I almost couldn't read all the scent oriented stuff without getting a headache :)
I found these shoes yesterday. I am sure that you will appreciate them:

IMC Guy said...

I'd say pic #1 - although more leg would be nice :)

Anonymous said...

Yet another great google-age!! And YES, you do have the feet of a schoolgirl!!

As far as scents go, I'm not big into cologne but for flowers, I'll take Gardenias.

BTW, I have 'sitemeter' too but don't get nearly the interesting stuff come thru that you do! Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.....

aMom2E said...

thank you for your friendship! And can I steal yet another thing from your blog? I found out someone got to my blog by googling the term "husband and wife bisexual" and this freaks me out a little... hahaha!

Steve said...

Now if we could have more of those shoe pics, I'd be hanging around on this blog more often than I actually am.

Lara said...

aimee - hahahaha... an entry will probably come at some point, but maybe i should just email you. :)

tali - yes, you did! thanks, photog!

tori - oh yes, we loves the shoes 'round these parts. and the ones you linked to? adorable!

imc guy - oh, there's definitely more leg there, i just didn't want to freak out any of my more sensitive readers.

r u serious? - ooh, gardenias are lovely, so good choice there. :) as for sitemeter, it took me a fair number of months building up my archives to get the number of strange searches i get these days. keep a list running, and before you know it you'll have too many to post them all!

ffbgirl - you are more than welcome to steal the idea. i'm pretty sure i stole it originally from mom-101, and for all i know she stole it from someone else. :-P

my heart is made of gravy - well, if i had my way, i'd be posting new pics every time i got a new pair of shoes. but then what would i do in december when it was time for the second annual LaBloShoeMo? i'm saving them up for my next 31 pairs o' shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL-I love the search terms! The best ones to my blog have been “morbid love”, “Lex Luther’s lighter” and “Movie Moe is a detective.” Searches sure are good for a laugh.