Tuesday, March 06, 2007

So Juvenile

Does it make me an awful person that I snickered at every single one of these comments during rehearsal tonight?

"When do we go down?"
"Guys go down first, then the girls."
"Wait, he's going down alone?"
"Do we go down twice or just once?"
"My knees hurt, so I can't go down anymore."
"I can't go down that much!"
"Can we all go down together, please?"
"I don't think I'm going down right..."

I know, I know, I'm so immature in my humor. Please tell me I'm not alone - what innocuous statements make you giggle?


Anonymous said...

You know that nearly everything Edo said in rehearsals made me raise my eyebrows. Not to mention all the "get with your partner" comments during those years of Opening (which is why I never uttered those words our year).

There was just something last night about the kneeling during the Brahms Polonaise that struck the same nerve to as your observations from your rehearsal tonight. I don't remember if it was a specific utterance or just rich opportunities because I've been working on blocking out such instinctive associations (unsuccessfully) for a while now.

Anonymous said...

teeheehee! you are SO dirty! great, now *i'm* going to start giggling at things like that during rehearsal. thanks, cassandra.

on another note, thank you for being there for me and being such a positive light in a way i never thought letting in people could be. you are sunshine in my life. it makes cats rehearsals and the stress of getting those damn applejacks worth it, because i get to see YOU! i <3 you! :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. i want a sleepover with chick flicks and chocolate forks and fat cats!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

You're not alone. I would have snorted, sniggered and guffawed too.

Anonymous said...

As for humor? I'm totally with you.

As for going down alone? Only if you choose to!

Anonymous said...

LOL I live with a man who is really a 13 year old boy. He likes making things up that aren't dirty, but could be.
His favorite this week was, "I wanna take you to the ballpark and buy you a hotdog"
hee! ::sigh::

Dee said...

I would have been giggling too!

kball said...

I'm always cracking up about comments like this too... some of my favorites from old times (back down at UCSD) include:

"Come on guys, give me good head!"

"Its like you have a credit card between your legs; don't ask me why, but...

(someone else) Visa, its everywhere you want to be"

I'm sure I'll be remembering of more throughout the day, but right now those are the ones I can recall.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the dirty rehearsal comments and the instinctive giggling =P Kevin and I sometimes go to these folk dance events where the teachers/choreographers are from Israel. So take all the fun and games and make English not their first language. Some gems:
"The man comes into the woman"
"Rape the woman...un-rape the woman" (he was trying to say "wrap")
"The woman comes after the man"
Fun times =)

Amanda said...

My post the other day about the gym...no matter how many ways I typed that I was at the Y I couldn't help thinking one of those sickos doing a google search was going to arrive at my blog searching for a woman dining at the y.

CC said...


jittacatgirl said...

i laugh at the word "duty." mostly because of scrubs

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else's high school band teacher constantly tell them to play "the measure before 70" so the entire trumpet section wouldn't shriek with laughter over "sixty-nine?" No?

Anonymous said...

Oh, as parents we never get sick of the going down jokes. The meaning has changed so over the years - now we say things like "When did the baby go down?" or "She went down late last night." If I yawn, my husband will say with a leer, "Whenever you want to go down..." Poor guy!

Lara said...

anon e. mous - ah, yes. poor edo and his linguistic failures. i think the field of dance in general sort of lends itself to dirty interpretations, if you have the mind for it. which you (and i) do.

kimmie - yeah, i am dirty, and now i've made you dirty too. muahahaha. and you are most welcome, love. anything i can do. including sleepovers with cats and chocolate (but not chocolate cats).

california teacher guy - yay for fellow snigglers!

TSM - yeah, i'm pretty sure there was never a moment where someone went down alone. we were generally going down all at once, or at the very least, all the guys at once or all the girls at once. ;)

aimee - that's a little weird, but endearing in some strange way. i'm going to steal that line and use it on someone today.

dee - i'm glad to hear it. if you got all prudish on me, we might have had to stop being friends.

kevin - "give me good head"? really? that's terrible. and simultaneously awesome.

tali - i think "un-rape" is the strangest thing i've heard in a really long time.

amanda - awww, and now when they type in that search, they can come here and find your comment. thanks for that.

CC - have you ever heard me ask someone to dance a zweifacher? i always say, "do you want to hawk a zweif?" it makes me laugh every time.

jitta - i agree. duty is funny.

jen - no, but i wasn't in the band. my screen name, however, ends with a '69,' and when people ask why, i explain that i was 15, and the number was funny. so sue me.

nutmeg - hmm, this is an excellent point. i can't wait for even more excuses to make "going down" jokes. :)