Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dateline: Sunshine Scribe

Or something like that. Sandra over at Sunshine Scribe participated in an interview of sorts from Mama Tulip. Mama T asked her five questions, which Sandra answered on her blog, for all her loyal readers to see. Then we, in turn, could volunteer to be interviewed by Sandra. Being madly in (bloggy) love with dear Sunshine, I of course jumped on the opportunity. Here are her five questions for me:

1. If you could choose another profession other than a teacher, what would it be?

Well, it's funny. Ultimately, my career goals - if they could even be called that - were to work for some number of years until I was ready to have kids. But once I had kids, I planned to be a stay-at-home mom (assuming my husband was okay with this, both in principle and in finances). I think teaching is great, and I do love it. But it was only ever intended as a placeholder profession until I became a mom.

That said, if I could choose any "job" for which I could earn money, it would probably be a combination of writing and dancing.

2. We know you, um, love shoes. What are your all-time favourite pair? And what is the most you've ever spent on a single pair of shoes?

Oh my goodness. I feel a little ill at even the prospect of trying to answer this question. Dang... Okay, I have to do two - one for dance shoes and one for regular. For dance shoes, it's definitely my two-tone Bleyers:

I love these because in addition to being ultra-stylish, they are SO comfortable. They're rubber-soled, with soft inserts to add extra cushion and support. I've been known to wear these babies for eight hours straight during Big Dance. They cost $85, and considering I bought them in April 2003, I think they've done a damn good job of being well worth it.

For regular shoes, I've gotta go with my sorority flip-flops:

Again, cute AND comfy. Okay, I already know I might get arguments about cute. In fact, at a recent late-night study session, Hottie McHot laughed at me for having sorority flip-flops. But to all you nay-sayers I say merely that you've clearly never felt sisterhood like mine. I'm proud of my affiliation with Chi Omega, and proud to announce it on my footwear. Also, I like burgandy and black, so what's not to like? Totally comfy flip-flops, with a good thick padded sole to prevent undue wear and tear on my heels and the balls of my feet. I'm so excited it's flip-flop weather again.

To answer your second question (which I'm pretty sure is cheating, to include two questions in one), I actually have no idea. I don't think I've ever spent over $100 - at least, after sitting here for ten minutes I can't think of a pair that expensive. The Bleyers actually might be it, at $85. I'm all about quantity, not quality. ;)

3. What is the best compliment you've ever received?

"I love you," from anyone who means it. Seriously. I realize it seems trite and a little boring, but I think knowing that someone genuinely loves me - genuinely believes I am worthy of that depth of emotion - is the best compliment I could ever receive. And it's the compliment that's most often brought me to tears.

4. What is a favourite memory from your childhood?

I love that you spell it 'favourite.' :-P

Okay, favorite memory from childhood... I'm not sure. Sitting here, trying to come up with one of my happiest moments, I find myself a bit stuck. Not because I had an unhappy childhood or anything - I definitely had a good childhood. But rather, as I've grown up, I've learned to appreciate the "good" moments in a much deeper way than I ever could as a child. So now, when I think back, I can think of no moments that bring me the kind of deep fulfillment I used to feel just dancing with J. in the kitchen of our condo, or that I still feel when I see my mom for the first time after months apart. Happiness seems so much more genuine now than it did when I was little. Maybe it's because it comes at a higher price these days; I didn't appreicate it when it came so easily.

But, you've asked for a memory, so I'll give you this one. When I was in elementary school, I was going to be dancing in the school talent show. I really wanted my dad to come watch me, but he had to work (as usual) and so wouldn't be there. My mom would, of course, but I was in the "Daddy's my hero!" phase of life, and it meant so much to me to have his attention. On the day of the show, I was preparing in the wings, and looked out to the audience, to find my mom. And there she was, and who was sitting next to her? No one I knew - my dad wasn't there. I told you, he had to work - weren't you listening? At any rate, my time came to dance, and I got out to the stage and began my routine. Then, mid-routine, the back door of the auditorium opened, and there was my dad. I was so happy that he took time out of his busy work day just to see me! Apparently I smiled so big that my mom was extremely confused about what had happened (she found out later I think, when I told her). He was there so briefly, but he was there. It meant a lot to me.

5. What charity/cause are you most passionate about and why?

Well, I'm definitely passionate about getting word out about cutting, as evidenced by my posts on the subject. I'm not sure that's either a charity or a cause, but it is important to me. I also try to make donations to cancer research when I can, because of my dad - he died of colon cancer when I was sixteen. Unfortunately, I don't really do enough for either of these things. I should definitely make an effort to get more active.

Thanks for letting me play, Sandra! And for all of you reading, if you want me to interview you so that you can post it on your blog, let me know in the comments. Just make sure I have your email, so I can send you the five questions. Please play! I already have questions in mind for pretty much all of you...


Anonymous said...

Well...... I'm a little frightened about being interviewed, especially by a teacher!! But I'm game, I guess..haha! You know where to send it.

BTW, I loved your answers, especially the one about your Dad.

Be gentle...... lol

Still Jill B said...

I really am a-likin' your answers. Good questions, of course, and thought provoking responses. I especially like your take on "best childhood memory" (I suppose I shouldn't have put that in quotation marks, since it's not a direct quote, at least not intentionally).

Hmm. I'm game for being asked. Everyone knows I do like to talk about myself.

Anonymous said...

great answers!!
i can't believe you've never spent over $100 on shoes!!! i think i rarely spend UNDER $100! you must tell me your secret!

Amanda said...

Oh yeah baby! Bring it on. =)

By the way...thank you for your kind comments earlier...always so appreciated.

Sandra said...

LOVED your answers. I knew you wouldn't disappoint. The one about your dad was my favourite. And yes, in Canada that's how we spell it :)

Thanks for playing along!!

Lady M said...

Sandra picked some great questions, and you wrote insightful responses, as usual!

Anonymous said...

O o.

Pick me, pick me!

Fantastic answers!

Dallas Blue said...

me, me, me!

Anonymous said...

Such great questions and answers!

And yeah---I'm totally in if you can find the time. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your memory. It's so "straight out of a movie" cute.

I'm game. Ask away. (but yeah, I'm a little scared. LOL)

Anonymous said...

Yay, more excuses for me to come out of blog-hiding. Go ahead and interview me. =)

Anonymous said...

I remember telling Lara's dad how much it would mean to her for him to attend her performance. The last comment he made to me was that he didn't think he could make it. I apologized to her after the show saying I was sorry her father couldn't be there and she said, "Oh, he was there, in the back." I was thankful then that he had taken the time. In the years since, I have known how much it meant to Lara and every time I hear or read about it from her view I am more grateful for his efforts.

aMom2E said...

Can I get interviewed as a way to restart my blog?? If not, it is totally OK! I love reading your blog and want to thank you for it every time I get the chance!!

Major Bedhead said...

That was cool.

I'd love to play along...crap, does that mean that I then have to think up questions for everyone who wants them? The pressure, the pressure!

Lara said...

r u serious? - nah, no fears. glad you played! and thanks. :)

jill b - thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed. and i'm glad you chose to play, too!

ali - yeah, i actually was having a tough time believing it too. my secret? payless, target, and massive sales anywhere else.

amanda - yay for playing! and you are, of course, totally welcome for the comments.

sandra - well, you asked good questions, so that made it easier. i'm glad i didn't disappoint. :)

lady m - she did, didn't she? i'm glad you enjoyed the responses, too.

lala - i pick... YOU!

sassy - you, you, you!

jen - for you, finding the time is easy. :) glad you want to play!

aimee - i know, it seems like something i would make up. but it really happened! and no need to be afraid of little old me and my questions.

tali - yeah, though neither seems to have successfully brought you back yet. ;)

mom - i had forgotten that part. thanks for reminding me. i'm glad to still have that memory of dad.

ffbgirl - you are so sweet! of COURSE you can have an interview. i'm glad you're restarting your blog. i'm so glad we met through the blogosphere, and i want to keep in touch. :)

julia - hooray for playing! and trust me, coming up with questions is fun!