Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winnie-the-Pooh: A Valentine for You

Thursday Thirteen #6:

Thirteen Reasons My Valentine's Day Didn't Suck

1. When I got to Starbucks in the morning before school, I didn't throw up! ('Cause I did the day before, which was yucky.)

2. In the faculty lounge at school, I spilled my entire cup of Starbucks, and nothing awful happened. Colleagues were friendly and helped me clean up, and Mr. P. was even good-natured about the fact that I almost destroyed his laptop. I made myself a hot chocolate from the recently restocked kitchenette.

3. The kids had an entire period of independent work time yesterday to work through their practice AP multiple choice tests - and they actually worked the entire period!

4. J. let me use his condo to take a nap in the afternoon so that I wouldn't have to sleep in the library, and I got four hours of sleep (even though this meant sleeping through class).

5. Caffeinated Librarian agreed to be my valentine!

6. A friend at school commented on how nicely my shoes matched my outfit, and we know how excited I get when people compliment my shoes...

7. When I got home from school, Nora came up to snuggle with me and cried at me to show how much she had missed me while I was gone.

8. A. left a bouquet of lovely lavender blooms in front of my door.

9. Awesome cards: My mom sent me a funny card about farting, 'cause fart jokes never get old. And two of my students gave me cute little valentines - one Winnie-the-Pooh valentine and one Disney princess.

10. When I opened the fridge to scrounge up something for dinner, I remembered that I had leftover thai chicken pizza from my recent CPK outing with Tpiggy. I ate it cold, and it was very tasty.

11. After dinner, my roommate made chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert, and graciously shared many of them with me. (Maybe too many...)

12. Google Docs is the most amazing thing ever: I was able to go home earlier than normal last night, work from home, yet still collaborate with OP and Charcoal. Also, I was actually productive on my homework for a solid hour and a half, which is a huge thing for me these days.

13. After a not-at-all-awful day, I was able to get in bed by 12:30, snuggled up with Nora at my feet.

How was your Valentine's Day?

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DK said...

You had a very good day! Sounds like you have some marvelous friends and co-workers that care about you a lot. Let's see, I drug hubby to the doctor's office where we had blood panels done; he had an EKG too. How's that for romantic! Then we had a very nice dinner, came home and collapsed in front of the TV to watch LOST.
Thanks for stopping by my blog; drop in anytime you're in the neighborhood - I love company!

Unknown said...

what a nice list..glad you had a good day

Still Jill B said...

I'm glad your day didn't suck, either.

Lisa said...

What a nice, positive spin you put on your day! :) V-Day is my favorite holiday.

And I really do poke badgers with spoons! heheh Thanks for coming by Snarkypants.

Blog said...

I love NORA!!!!!!!

Caffeinated Librarian said...

Gave blood. Got a rose and the creeping crud. *Ick*

That's okay least I had a valentine. *grin* Glad you had a good day.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

A fart card for Valentine's Day? I must be living on another planet, 'cause I don't think I've ever seen--or smelled--one of those before!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day...the chocolate covered strawberries alone would be worth doing it all again for!

1morechapter said...

Those strawberries looked wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by. Reading slacker! (joke)

Anonymous said...

I linked to Tuesday's post over at =). Just fyi. And also, I think we should get coffee, or do another sleepover, or something, because there is not enough space in the comment box for all the conversations I would like to have with you =).

Anonymous said...

Good list and interesting blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. - I hope you didn't find too many semi colons in the wrong place (because my sister always does..)

Mama said...

Glad your V Day didn't suck, sweetpea. Mine didn't suck either...I came into the office after a terrible start to the day to find flowers, a painting (painted by b/f) and two cards. He had delivered them himself on his way to work. Aw:)

Shiloh Walker said...

man... chocolate covered strawberries.

i love chocolate covered strawberries...

Sandra said...

I am so very glad your Valentines day didn't suck. You deserve a whole bunch more days that don't suck either you brave, kind, inspirational, talented woman you.

Amanda said...

Big sympathetic frown for spilled Starbucks! Sometimes an unplanned cup of cocoa is the sweetest treat though. I love your positive spin. And how about 13 thanks for adding me to your list of blogs you endorse. I'll try to stay worthy! And let me just say that after your comment I'll make sure to post the odd photo that'll give you the rich opportunity to laugh at me. Happy couple days after Valentine's Day to you!
My apologies for the overzealous use of exclamation points.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Thursday Thirteen gal myself, although today is Saturday. But next week...oh week.

Lara said...

DK - yep, my friends and coworkers are amazing people. i am a lucky girl. :)

amy and jill b - i'm glad too! i'd been dreading it, so i thought i should celebrate that it didn't turn out awful.

lisa - you really do, eh? how do the badgers react to that? ;)

haley-o - i love nora, too! she's a sweetie, and oh so snuggly.

caffeinated librarian - giving blood is good, though! i'm so proud of my valentine for being a good citizen.

california teacher guy - yeah, i was a bit surprised myself. but leave it to my mom to find the weirdest valentine card ever.

amy h and shiloh - yummmmmy strawberries. SO good. :)

3M - no, it doesn't have to be a joke. i am, in fact, a reading slacker in a lot of ways. i willingly admit it.

tali - aw, you are so sweet. yes, let's get together soon. :)

richard - eh, i don't usually start nit-picking grammar in someone's blog until i've been reading for a while, so don't worry. ;)

jo - what a sweet boyfriend! a painting? that's so cool. :)

sandra - you are very sweet to say those things. you deserve the bestest of valentine's days too.

amanda - hey, lady, 13 you're-welcomes for adding you to the list. i actually meant to quite a while ago, but it kept slipping my mind. i have no doubts but that you'll stay worthy.

TSM - well, i am definitely looking forward to next thursday then, so thanks for the heads-up!