Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Time to Laugh

Okay, I fear - based on the sharp decline in comments - that my heavier posts are driving away my readers. To which I say: Stay with me! It will get better soon! Your comments are like sweet, illegal, addictive substances, and I NEED them!

So, in the hopes of enticing you all not to abandon me, I give you this:

Come ON. You can't tell me that's not hilarious enough to be worth sticking around for.

And yeah, I ended that sentence with a preposition. You wanna make something of it?


Anonymous said...

I've been wasting my time in drs surgeries and feeling sorry for myself, so I haven't gotten around to commenting yet. I'm not feeling in a very cheery mood lately, though. Weird.

Anonymous said...

That is HI-LARIOUS!! (Whose kid is it?)

P.S. I really like the Ecclesiastes-inspired titles you have going on. :)

Anna said...

*snort* Who's child is that?

Trying to find your email address on your site.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

On the ending of sendings with prepositions, Winston Churchill is reported to have said...a number of things. You might be amused to read some of the words attributed to him here:

Still Jill B said...

Does anyone else have "...dream of metablogination..." running through their head lately (if you're confused, likely you're not hearing what I'm hearing)?

For those confused [many]: Think Red Hot Chili Peppers.

off to hum "'s the edge of the world and all of Western civilization..."

Amanda said...

I've been here all along. My sister had a dalliance with cutting. As an older sister there were times when I spoke too much, I think I was trying to honor what you were doing and feeling by letting it stand. As you once told me, write what you want to write, we're still going to come and love what you write.

Lady M said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm here...and am not run off by the darkness.

Whatever you write about, there I'll be, smart-alec'ing my way through

Sandra said...

So very funny

tpiglette said...

Yay, someone noticed the title theme! :) And yay that you're using it! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading almost daily, but I don't know what to say in response to your pain without my sounding like a dumbass or spitting out stupid cliche's. So, I've been choosing not to say anything at all.

Great pic today!

CC said...


Caffeinated Librarian said...

*chuckle* No, that child's not going to need therapy or anything.

I'm here and reading, but I've been in a mood this week. Hope you're doing well, despite and/or because of your cutting posts.

Anonymous said...

no! you aren't driving me away. i am so glad that you are so honest about what you have been through and what are you going through...sometimes i'm intimidated to comment...i don't want to say something stupid. but i'm here!

Anonymous said...

Responding to your need for support - Trust me on this one, when you are forty, you will be one mother f***ing beautiful soul! It all has a way of working itself out, and you have AMAZING insight at your age.

Lara said...

aly - i'm sorry you've been so sick and unhappy lately. i'm glad you're still around, and i'm sending you good thoughts.

jen - it's my best friend's daughter. the pic was snapped when she was only three weeks old. and i'm glad you like the title theme for this week. :)

julia - see above, in my answer to jen. and i'm glad you found my address eventually. ;)

california teacher guy - churchill is well known for saying amusing quips. i've been a fan for years.

jill b - um, no. i must not be hearing what you're hearing. i've never been a chili peppers fan, actually. that must be why...

amanda - thank you for the brief check-in. i'm glad to know you're still around. :)

lady m - isn't she just? though still not as cute as bubbers... :-P

TSM - i'm glad to hear it. and i welcome the smart-alec'ing all along.

sandra - i agree, it's one of my favorite funny pictures. she looks like she's totally passed out. i bet someday, when she's in college or something, she'll find that picture extremely amusing. or embarrassing. one or the other.

tpiglette - yay indeed! i liked this theme. :)

tense - anything you say, if it's honest and said in genuine support, will never sound like a dumbass to me. i'm glad you're still around.

CC - totally cute. :)

CL - therapy? nah, she just needs a good keg supply company. and i'm glad you're here, and i'm hoping your mood improves. *hugs*

ali - like i said to tense, if it's said with genuine caring, it won't be stupid. i'm glad you're reading and supporting.

nutmeg - thank you so much for your kind words. i'm trying to keep the big picture in mind, and realize that struggling through this stuff now is helping me succeed more in the future.