Sunday, February 04, 2007

Keepin' It Brief

LaLa recently tagged me for the "Five Things" meme. I'm not sure there are really any particular rules to this meme - just write five useless facts about me, I guess. After having tossed it around in my head for the past few days, I realized that I'm completely at a loss. So I've decided to throw it open to you all, my fabulous readers. The first five people to reply to me - via comments, email, IM, whatever - can claim one of the five. Basically, your rules are this: tell the readers something about me. It can be any useless fact you choose, as long as it's not slanderous or overly insulting. Or horrendously embarrassing. I'll print it verbatim, with only moderate commentary alongside it. Sounds fun, right? You know you want to do it...


And on the subject of memes, Guinevere visited a long time ago and when I returned the visit, I found a cool "One Word" meme. (She never commented again, though, which made me sad. Hello? Guinevere? Are you still reading?) I was, of course, never tagged for the meme, but that's never stopped me before, right? So without further ado, I now share with you my take on the "One Word" meme:

Yourself: Lara
Your Partner: Myself
Your Hair: Short
Your Mother: Amazing
Your Father: Gone
Your Favorite Item: Laptop
Your Dream Last Night: Bad
Your Favorite Drink: Milk
Your Dream Car: Jaguar
Your Dream Home: Colonial
The Room You Are In: Library
Your Ex: Which?
Your Biggest Fear: Abandonment
Where You Want to Be in Ten Years: Anywhere
Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Nobody
What You're Not: Much
Muffins: Yum
One of Your Wish List Items: Happiness
Time: 9:10PM
The Last Thing You Did: Ate
What You Are Wearing: Stuff
Your Favorite Weather: Rain
Your Favorite Book: Romance
Last Thing You Ate: Wahoo's
Your Life: Stressful
Your Mood: Down
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Memes
Your Best Friend: Loneliness?
Your Car: Ginger
What You Are Doing at the Moment: Blogging
Your Summer: Distant
Relationship Status: Alone
What is on Your TV: Movie
What the Weather is Like: Chilly
When You Last Laughed: Earlier

If memes interest you, I highly recommend this one. It's quick, but surprisingly challenging to keep everything to only one word. "Brevity is the soul of wit," as they say, so play on, dear readers!

(And don't forget to claim one of the five spots to tell the world about me!)


Dallas Blue said...

here's my one word meme.

Ode To: Lara

Why an ode?: Love

Love?: Her!

Best Quality: Heart

Thankful for Her Being: Herself.

This?: Cheesey.

But?: True.

CC said...

Lara is the first social dance "mother" I ever had! (aka, Richard's partner in social dance 1) =D =D =D

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, so I can't really participate in your meme tag, but wanted to pop in and say, "HEY!" lol Sorry you haven't seen me around. I've been busy and not had much extra time for blog walking. But, I'll be back...hopefully more often than usual. :oD

Oh, and GREAT list! :o)

LaLa said...

I don't know anything, that's why I asked! but now I can read everyone else's answers!

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

You're not sure about that Best Friend, are you? Good! Uncertainty in that area is a healthy sign. I think you know what I mean...

Lara said...

sassy - clever chook (as aly would say). i love you back, cheesy mccheese.

CC - i will address this soon. :)

guinevere - hey! you're back! i knew calling you out would reel you in. ;) no worries, because i understand how time consuming blog walking can be. whenever you have some time, feel free to stop in and say hi.

lala - yep, you can enjoy learning from others. :)

california teacher guy - indeed. probably best i don't get too attached to that particular friend...