Saturday, February 17, 2007


Well, the Ball was last night, and it was probably my worst one yet (out of six years). Which isn't to say it was awful. Just... less good than normal. Relationship issues made things yucky, I was much more tired than usual - more self-conscious, wondering what everyone was thinking about me.

However, like I said, it wasn't awful, so here are some pictorial recaps of the night for you:

Me and the Eggman at dinner before the dance. Isn't he a cutie?

Tali and K. also at dinner.

Me and the Eggman just arriving at the dance. And hey, celebrity spotting! That's Lady M and SwingDaddy in the background!

The Eggman - always the gentleman.

However, these ARE modern times, so I return the favor.

Boy, howdy! it was a loooong night. Around 2:30am, here I am ready for bed.

All in all, it wasn't as awful a night as I had initially feared. And I looked pretty okay, and was surrounded by great people, so how bad could it really have been, right? Now it's time for a relaxing long weekend. Aaah, sleep - how I've missed you...


Thanks for everyone who has lent support to my desire to talk about cutting, both in submitting questions and in sending warm wishes and virtual hugs. You are all amazing and I'm so grateful for all of your contributions. There will likely be multiple posts, and I'll be working on them over the weekend, so look for them starting sometime in the beginning of the week.


jittacatgirl said...

i can tell you what other people were thinking:

"giggity giggity giggity"

or maybe that was just me.

Sandra said...

Stunning. You look stunning ... like vavavavoom good. You should wear green everyday.

Anonymous said...

That dress is super hot! :)

Anonymous said...

Green. I love green.

That is my most favouritest shade of green.

You look beeyootiful.

Anonymous said...

Look at YOU, beautiful girl! I hope you did have a wonderful time - you deserve it. *squish*

Anonymous said...

You are almost unbearably lovely in especially the first picture. A smile and green adornment: for little more would a modest frog ask. (Instantly that '80's song "Lady in Green" popped into this Anuran's head.)

Generally I think clothing and such are a waste of materials, energy in manufacturing and transport, and have often unknown, possibly negative effects on foreign workers, but - but! - in this instance I must say: that green dress is fantastic. A good deal beyond fanstastic, in fact.

fourthbreakfast said...

You looked really cute and much less pale than in rehearsal on Thursday.

Something you might be interested in: they are opening a Hooters in Fremont!

Mocha said...

What do you talk, girl? These make it look like you had a great time! I'm sort of jealous and want to wear vintage dresses and go all Jitta. (That should be a phrase. To "go Jitta" - because she is adorably cute in her get up, as are you. Because, hello? Satin? Yeah, I'm not wearing satin in public anymore.)

Green becomes you.

Anonymous said...

could you be any cuter???~ :)

Dallas Blue said...

shut your face.

and your rack.

you're hot!

(and pretty. two different things but you're both.)

Lara said...

jitta - i think it might have been just you. ;)

sandra - i do love green. vavavavoom sounds like a pretty good thing, so maybe you're right...

jen - and it was free, too! (hand-me-down from jitta)

lala - i love green too. i have another, slightly darker green dress that i wore to the ball last year. i think this one got way more compliments, though.

aly - help! i'm being squished!

foethe - wow, what a nice thing to say: "almost unbearably lovely." you are such a sweet frog. :)

fourth breakfast - yes, i was feeling a great deal better than i had been at rehearsal, too. and a hooters?! in FREMONT?! that's SO. AWESOME. we must plan an outing...

mocha - you crack me up, lady. and jitta highly approves of this new "to go jitta" saying. let's work on spreading it throughout the blogosphere.

ali - probably, but i was pretty darn cute already. ;)

sassy - ah, well thank you for making the distinction for me. now am shutting both face and rack. :-P

Anonymous said...

LOVE that dress! You look amazing.
I heart that color green. I want something that color.

Lara said...

aimee - awww, thank you, chick. i heart YOU, so that works out well. go buy yourself something nicely green in my honor. :)