Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Thursday, My Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen #4:
Thirteen Google Searches That Sent Crazies to My Blog

1. half naked thursday - Um, I'm afraid this person was severely disappointed when he (yeah, I'm going to go ahead and assume this was a guy) got to the blog and saw no partial nudity.

2. equus adornments - Something like this maybe?

3. phrase indicating frustration - Couldn't you think of one on your own? You got so flustered that you had to Google the right phrase to express it? That must have been so. frustrating.

4. Linda Ronstadt I will always love you walmart - I love that this one is totally normal and predictable until the last word. This must have been her updated version for a special target audience.

5. my sister's boobs - I knew writing about those would get me in trouble. And I apologize profusely to you, Mocha, because he clicked over to your blog next. Maybe we're boosting the morale of our troops abroad, though, because this search came from Iraq. We're so patriotic.

6. how to make palm fronds - Can't you just go get them directly from the trees?

7. palm frond still life - I suggest starting with a bowl of fruit first. Palm fronds are awfully advanced. And apparently more popular than I realized, since multiple people search for them on Google.

8. junk food literature - Two great tastes that go great together.

9. living with disappointment - Wow, you cut right to the chase, don't you? Well, if you want to learn to live with disappointment, you've come to the right place.

10. tilf - The most disturbing thing is that this shows up as the most common search term for my blog, bar none. At least a few times a week, someone finds my blog because of TILFs. And now, I've probably just doubled the chances they'll find me.

11. antidote to poison - Oh my goodness, do you really have the time to be doing an internet search for this?! Call an ER, you loon! My favorite part, though, is that he/she clicked to my profile next, just in case I had any surprise information hidden there.

12. wonderbaby designs pants - Oh my God! She DOES?! HBM, why haven't you cashed in on this yet?!

And, best of all...

13. lara david foot fetish - Oh. My. God.

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Anonymous said...

These are too funny. Seriously, I'm just sitting here giggling. But regarding #4, I don't believe she was going after a "target" audience. ;)

LaLa said...

Do you get all your stats from Sitemeter? I keep forgetting to look at mine, I might go do it now.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I knew about MILFs, but I'd never thought that there were TILFs too! Ewwwwwww, now there will be times when I wonder whom my students look at in our school and think about that.

Unknown said...

thanks for the laugh. how can you tell how people came to your site? i loved that list

Lara said...

(sorry, yet again, about the late response!)

seeser - ha. ha. ha. very punny. :-P

lala - i do, in fact. i check it once every couple days or so, and i usually get at least one giggle from it.

tense teacher - yeah, don't think too much about it. trust me.

amy - it's very useful. :) and amusing, too!