Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Junk Food Diet

After hours of unpacking and chatting last night, Tpiggy and I decided we needed to eat some dinner. By this I mean Tpiggy decided she wanted to eat and I needed to be persuaded to take bites of something of substance. We sat around for a while, trying to find something I found appealing for dinner. Eventually I decided I desperately wanted applesauce and absolutely nothing else would be good enough. So we headed off to Safeway.

Once at Safeway, I immediately grabbed a jar of applesauce – victory! But then we wandered through, looking for other things to add to the fare. After a while, I realized I was acting just like a kid gone to college for the first time, and out from under the tyrannical rule of Mother’s healthy eating rules. I bought so much junk food, simply because I could, with no one there to mock me about buying “juice” that is almost entirely sugar and water.

And this is the loot that came out of that trip. Tpiglette and I feasted on a fabulous meal of chicken nuggets and tater tots, drinking Sunny D Baja Fruit Punch. I am so looking forward to some fudgsicles later tonight, and maybe some Cocoa Krispies in the morning. Oh yeah, life is good.


Day 2 of SaBloBoMo: Bewitching by Jill Barnett

I have a confession to make. A dirty secret. My guilty pleasure. I read…

trashy romance novels!

The shame is overwhelming. Actually, no, wait, it’s not. Yeah, I read trashy romance novels, but you know what? I’ve also read some fabulous works of literature, so I deserve a little mindless entertainment. This book is my favorite romance novel of all time, and I’ve read and re-read it countless times. Every time I read it, it still makes me laugh out loud, as well as cry. Such a great story, with memorable characters and wonderful one-liners.

Joy is a Scottish witch who also happens to be a bit of a klutz, but she finds wonder and, well, joy in the smallest things in life. She meets Alec, a cold and unfeeling duke, and tries to change his life for the better. Mostly, though, she just creates chaos, which he does not appreciate, in spite of his coming to realize that his life was actually pretty worthless before she came along. It’s a beautiful story, and if these kinds of books sound at all interesting to you, I highly recommend it.


Dallas Blue said...

when I was in middle school, I must have read THOUSANDS of harlequin romance novels that featured phrases like "throbbing member" and "there was honey at the apex of her thighs". Oh, yes.

thousands! there was a lady up the street who had been buying ten a month for 20 years, and when she died, her husband let me take them all. I trucked them home on my bike, one bike b asket at a time.

sometimes, i still like them. characters with names like "steele" and "charlotta". mmm. delicious. junk food for the mind, to go along with your junk food diet!

tpiglette said...

Lara left out the fact that she did buy some non-junk food too, above and beyond the requisite applesauce. Among the items passed up for the portrait were a jug of milk, some healthier cereal, and a few boxes of pasta. Though really, we (and by "we" I mean all of Lara's "mommies") willing to settle for eating at all, so bring on the appetite-pleasers! Woohoo! :)

Molecular Turtle said...

I am very jealous of your bountiful harvest from safeway. I think I have the two a.m munchies.

Amanda said...

You read 'em girl. I feel strongly that no matter what the title of the book(s) you carry to the cash register, you should feel good for reading. Far too many people forget the power of complete immersion in a book. My god, I have so many books that I count as better friends than people I know. Half the time it's like 4 hours of therapy for 7.99 plus tax. And yes, I was that kid in the class hiding the book within the larger pages of the text book.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED having junk-food pigouts like that. Seriously, my girlfriend Elissa and I would do it every time she came over. We're bad like that.

I love, love trashy romance novels. You should read Cross Stitch, if you haven't already. It's not *quite* the same, but it's damn good.

Anonymous said...

Having had a dinner consisting of baked skinless chicken breast and a half dozen slices of new potatoes, I urge all of you young'uns to enjoy the junk faire guilt-free while you can.

Lara said...

sassy - yeah, those are the *really* trashy ones. most of mine aren't quite that awful. my grandmother had thousands in her house when i was growing up, too, so that's how i got into them. she was the one to first loan me this book, and was the one who got me into the genre in general. so i guess, thanks, grandma!

tpiggy - that's true, we got some healthier stuff as well. it's just that pretty much none of it's been eaten yet. :-P

molecular turtle - i didn't realize turtles got the munchies. fascinating.

amanda - i agree, and i tell my students the same thing, actually. reading is still reading, no matter what. and honestly, i've learned lots of good vocabulary words from my romance novels. i'm pretty sure it's where i first learned capricious, obstreperous, and panacea. kiddie reading it is not.

aly - yeah, i noticed when you wrote about that book. it looked interesting, and i noted to myself that i should check it out.

mom - thanks for the warning. i'll be sure to enjoy it while i can. :)