Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Because it's Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday #2: "Johnny Rockets"


Day 17 of SaBloBoMo: Haiku U by David M. Bader

No words on Wednesday;
Few words for SaBloBoMo
Explaining a book.

Haiku U does lit
In tiny three-line snippets
So not to bore you.

Want an example?
I will try to remember
The Scarlet Letter:

"Grim, gray New England
All adulterers receive
Free monogramming."

I know I cheated,
'Cause haikus are not wordless.
Cherry blossoms weep.


Mama said...

I like Haikus
I have written them often
Yours make me smile - thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Was that a Coke float in that picture? Even if not, I'm getting a serious craving now.

LaLa said...

Oh Haiku I love
It makes me feel so happy
Thankyou for the smile.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Is that a juke box station in the photo? "They" don't still have those things around in restaurants, do they? (If so, it tells you how often I go out to eat. LOL)

The Wilson's said...

Love your WW picture. I have only been to Johnny Rockets once and it was very good. Hope you have a nice weekend.


Lara said...

jo -
haikus can be hard
because of the syllables:
first line should be five.

tense teacher - no, it's a chocolate coke (coke with chocolate syrup in it). very tasty, though vanilla coke is still my favorite.

lala -
i'm glad you liked them.
it was very fun to write
so many haikus.

california teacher guy - only in restaurants that are expressly imitating diners of the 1950's. ;)

chrissy - yummy johnny rockets. you should go again. :) glad you liked the pic!