Saturday, December 02, 2006

Admiring the Lay of the Land

After posting the picture of me and Seeser a few days ago, the Ex made a comment about it. Not here on the blog, just to me during a conversation. He felt it would be inappropriate to put it on the blog, given the focus of his comment (which was the size of my sister's chest), and despite my protestations that it would be fine, he left it off.

I, however, thought it was funny enough to tell Seeser, which I did after the fact. She thought the comment was funny, too, and agreed with me that he should have put it up. Here’s the conversation that ensued when I told him that I had talked to her about it:

Me: By the way, [Seeser] said you should totally post your comment about her boobs.

Ex: (laughing) You told [Seeser] what I said about her boobs?! Man…

Me: Of course!

Ex: Between the two of you, it was… nice.

Me: Well, the funnier thing is that it’s not the first time. I said, “[Ex] said your boobs are huge.” She said, “Doesn’t he always say that?”

Ex: (laughing) That’s awesome. I don’t think I realized HOW big, though, until she was next to you in that picture.

Me: (laughing) ‘Cause I’m so small, I make her seem bigger?

Ex: (laughing) Yeah, right! Because yours are great! It’s like – if a mountain dwarfs Everest… um… I couldn’t think of the second tallest mountain. Mt. Fuji?

Me: (laughing) Sure. ... I’m interested to see where this analogy is going.

Ex: Well, then… you’re like… wow, that mountain is REALLY big!

Me: … That was a disappointing finish, dood.

And yes, I did just talk about both my and my sister's boobs here on the blog. I'm turning into Mocha...


Day 2 of LaBloShoeMo: The Uggs

Of course, these aren’t actual Uggs, but I call them that anyway. They’re the Payless knock-off of Uggs. You’ll find I have a lot of shoes, but part of the reason for that is that I don’t care too much about having high-quality shoes. In fact, with VERY few exceptions, my shoes come from Payless or Target.

The Uggs are very comfortable and easy to slip on and off. I actually rarely wear them as pictured (with shorts or skirt) - usually I wear them under jeans. Oh, and? They’re about a size too big for me, but I wanted them too much to wait to find them in my size, so my feet just have LOTS of breathing room.


Anonymous said...

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Marina (from France)

Anonymous said...

Haha! You guys are funny. The closest I have to boob pictures are of my friend Jen, with drink cup lids shoved down her shirt. I'll post them one day. :P

I like the uggs! I was considering putting a slipper post up today, but stuck with the summer shoes instead.

Shoes are love!

Anonymous said...

duh. why pay for real uggs? that's just dumb.

go forth to payless NOW. i just bought the MOST adorable red flats for $15! they are flat and pointy toed and tres adorable.

ALSO, I'm totally with you on the whole... target & payless situation. i'm buying trends, not investments.

Anonymous said...

oh and thanks for adding me to your blogroll! It made me SUPER happy and now you're on mine! yay!

Lara said...

marinamode - bonjour! bienvenue! you do have wonderful shoes indeed - they made me tres jaloux. or something like that. my french is really awful these days - it's been many years since my classes a l'universite. :-P

aly - yes, we are pretty darn funny on our own, so when we get together the hilarity never stops. and i disagree with your comment - the closest you have to boob pictures are the pics you took of your sunburn when you were wearing that nightie...

sassy - i agree, it's totally dumb. which is why i don't do it. i totally should go to payless... maybe some retail therapy as a work break this weekend.

and you're totally welcome for the linky love. i dig your site, and i like to endorse sites i dig. :)