Monday, November 27, 2006

Setting the Record Straight

It has been brought to my attention that my lack of disclosure may be leading to unfair misrepresentations in the blog. To make explicit something everyone should have figured out by now, J. (formerly known as Fiance) and I broke up. We are currently still living together, but that situation is up in the air and still being discussed. Time will tell.

It was mentioned to me, however, that while my writing may have made this much clear, it has only caused confusion as to why. My “moping” and “depressed” posts, I hear, have likely been giving the mistaken impression that J. did something awful to me and kicked me to the curb.

This could not be further from the truth. J. has been amazingly supportive during my struggles, and I may not have been able to make it through without his help. As for the reasons for the break-up, those will not be discussed here. But suffice to say this was my fault, not his – I take the blame for this one. And really, that’s probably why I did take it so hard, because I knew it was all my fault. Having no one to blame but myself, I could turn only to my own self-loathing in evaluating the relationship. It’s important to me that you all know that J. did nothing wrong, no matter what the posts might suggest.


On a completely unrelated – but much more amusing – note, I had a moment of shame this morning, and so I put the question to you: Is it really awful that I can immediately identify which episode of Saved by the Bell it is by the outfits the characters are wearing? I think it probably is…


Anonymous said...

Oh, Saved by the bell...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's brave and strong and true. I felt like a bit of an interloper, having found you through Lady M but, here I am anywho.

I hope things continue to improve for you.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a sign of pure cleverness. I couldn't do that, and I did love me some Saved when I was younger.. or last week.

Sounds like a tough situation. If you ever want a bias-free shoulder, pop me an email. :)

Anonymous said...

there's no email address for you, so I'll reply here!

Thanks for your comment - it made my afternoon. I like bloggy friends... Somehow, those people that I fit in with are a lot easier to find online than they are in real life!

Mocha said...

Hmmm. It didn't necessarily make the situation more clear, but I'm sure it feels good to get off your chest as it's simply the truth about what's going on with you. You've been painfully truthful through this.

Chin up and all that.

Lilit Marcus said...

We grew up in SoCal. We were raised on this stuff. Therefore, it is completely OK.

Personally, my favorite SBtB game is identifying random extras who are now famous (Denise Richards, Scott Wolf, etc.)

Lara said...

sassy student - welcome! i'm very glad you appreciated the story. like i said over at your place, i do not consider you at all an interloper, no matter how you came to visit. i'm glad to have a new bloggy friend, and i hope you keep visiting! (also, i added my email address to my profile, in case anyone else ever wants it.)

aly - cleverness, eh? i like that. better than "watches way too much TV" or something similar.

and yes, tough situation. i will keep your offer in mind. :)

mocha - true, it didn't clarify much. but it clarified that he did nothing wrong, and that was what mattered to me. painfully truthful is so right, but it's a healing pain, if that makes any sense.

lilit - hooray for growing up in socal! we memorize stupid crap like SBtB trivia! and denise richards was just on the other day; rena sofer was on this morning. remember tori spelling as that nerdy girl, violet? so awesome... :-P