Wednesday, November 08, 2006

News Break

We interrupt our regularly scheduled self-pity session for a very important announcement: Iggy has died.

“Who’s Iggy?” you ask.

Who’s Iggy?! Iggy was only the most wonderful car companion EVER. He was a sprightly blue lizard whose mischievous antics kept many of Ginger’s passengers on their toes. He always kept me guessing, that’s for sure, and I loved to head to my car wondering what I’d see. I just never knew where I’d find him – on the dashboard:

The gear shift:

Even the steering wheel:

But for the past week or so, I couldn’t find him. I called his name a bit, then decided maybe he’d gone on vacation, to visit a friend or something. He’s never gone for long, so I wasn’t worried.

And then, this morning, I opened the passenger door to get something, looked down and saw this:

Poor Iggy – dead for days and I had no idea. R.I.P. reptilian friend. You will be missed.

Now send me your condolences and/or fond memories of Iggy. Otherwise I will feel unloved and overwhelmed by my grief (which is now even greater than before). You know you want to. In lieu of flowers, please send flies and crickets to the Reptilian Widows’ Fund, 368 Swampy Marsh Way, Scaleytown, USA. Thank you for your sympathies in this most difficult time.


Anonymous said...

*head bowed*

Farewell, Iggy. Though I hardly knew you (or didn't know you at all), I wish you a humid heaven, full of juicy bugs and cute girly lizards.


Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure what in the last picture indicates this specimen of the Lacertilia need no longer pay taxes. Is it possible Iggy simply is engaged in a week-long Samayika marathon?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have to agree with mous - are we sure that Iggy is dead? Were the CSIs called in? Was an autopsy done? Otherwise I suspect old Iggy will be pulling a "Fall of the House of Usher" on us any night now.

Anonymous said...

Do reptiles have 9 lives? Or maybe 41/2? Or is Iggy destined for reincarnation? Perhaps to come back as an antennae ball? Somehow I believe he will always have a link to Ginger.

Sandra said...

Oh poor poor Iggy.

Dani said...

Alas poor Iggy, I barely new ye, in fact I never knew ye. You seemed to be an energetic lizard whose life was extinguished far to early. You will be missed.