Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Letters to Myself... Or Parts Thereof

Dear Heart,

Please stop seizing up and shooting bolts of agony throughout our body every time we hear, see, smell, taste, or touch anything that reminds us of the past and what we have lost. It is becoming quite tedious, not to mention the fact that it is physically straining us to no end. Stomach is beginning to burn through his own lining, and both of the Lungs are feeling constantly stretched to get even minimal air support. This is completely unacceptable as far as we are concerned. And we even suspect – though we have feared to admit it – that your behavior was what drove Mind to take off. Please, out of respect for your colleagues, stop your pining.

The Other Organs


Dear Attention Span,

I heard that Mind couldn’t stand it anymore and bolted – is that what happened to you, too? ‘Cause I have to say, I’ve noticed your absence, what with the increase in nervous fidgeting that’s come up. It’s really not good for us, you know. There was a Dateline special about nail-biting once, though it sort of derailed a bit talking about the side effects of manicures… we haven’t gotten a pedicure in a long time, have we? I wonder if that’s because it’s winter now, and we’re back to close-toed shoes. Which reminds me that Payless is having a sale again – we should definitely go.

What was I talking about?

Left Hand (on behalf of Right Hand, as well)


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the recent conditions under which I have been forced to exist these past few weeks. I have done nothing – nothing! – to deserve this treatment, and my subtle suggestions for change have gone unheeded. So be it! A greater demonstration is obviously necessary, and so I tell you this: If conditions do not improve, I shall go on strike – refuse to cooperate in any way with rational expectations. And, if I am forced to act in some way, I will do so only with screaming pain, so as to make my displeasure known. Understand that I am perfectly serious and willing to follow through on these threats if necessary.

Lower Back

P.S. I know that both Right Knee and Left Knee have been feeling similarly mistreated and will, in all likelihood, be writing to you soon as well. While I cannot speak on Mind’s behalf, not having spoken with her recently, I can say I believe the mistreatment that has been going on lately has not been relegated solely to parts below the sternum.


Dear Mind,

Where have you gone? Are you ever coming back? I know we’ve had our rough patches, especially recently, but I don’t think it’s anything we can’t work through. I’ll admit it: I need you. How will I ever produce a coherent adolescent case study without your help? I hope you will rethink your departure. Was it Heart? Was her incessant aching too much for you to take? I heard that the Other Organs were going to get together and talk to her about that, so maybe it will get better soon. Or did you leave in solidarity with Lower Back and his struggles? Attention Span took off right about the same time you did – could have been coincidence, I guess… Hey, I just realized that coincide and coincidence are, like, the same word but in different forms. Are they also the same as, like, incidents? Wait, I’ve gotten off-topic - what was I saying?

Oh, Mind, we used to be so close, spending all our time together, just thinking about nothing and everything all at once. But lately you’ve been flighty and unreliable, and I’m wondering if I can even trust you anymore. I’m willing to try, but you have to come back for us to have any chance of working this out. You know where to find me.

I miss you,


Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Um, if you could find my attention span could we send a letter to her too? Because I miss her and I hope to find her again soo.... Ooh, shiny things!

Anonymous said...

All your parts are so beautiful together, inside and out. I hope they find each other soon. I love you.

Lara said...

mrs. chicky - i think there might be a big attention span get-together somewhere in the cosmos that we all know nothing about, because i know you and i are not the only ones suffering from MIA attention spans. "ooh, shiny things!" is exactly right. :-P

mom - yeah, i hope they find each other soon too. i miss my mind, especially - graduate school's awfully hard without it...