Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Little Things

These are Fiance’s and my dressers (his on the right, mine on the left, both from IKEA).

Try, for just a moment, to ignore all the clutter and crap on top of the dressers. Instead, focus on the shirts hanging on the drawer knob.

This is where Fiance’s shirts live when they’re waiting to be cleaned. It’s a nice visual reminder for us – “Hey!” they say. “Time for a cleaning!” The problem with this system is that it’s awfully hard to get to the drawers with the shirts hanging in front of them. Thus, when Fiance needs to use his dresser, he moves the shirts to my dresser:

When he’s done getting whatever it was he needed from the drawers, however, he doesn’t actually take the shirts back again. No, he leaves them on my dresser drawers, so that when I need to open my drawers, I have to move his shirts out of the way. Oh, sure, this seems like no big deal, and, well, it isn’t really. But it gets really annoying when it happens five times a day, every day. It bugs the crap out of me – it really, really does.

But today, looking at them hanging there, I realized that if anything ever happened to Fiance, I would really, really miss moving those shirts every day.

It’s funny, the little things we take for granted.

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