Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Clearing the List - Take Two

Now that we know I obsess about my blog’s organizational structure pre-publishing, it’s time to present you with yet another blogging issue. I understand it’s fairly common for many bloggers out there to draft posts more frequently than I do. See, I draft a post, and then I publish it. Sometimes the drafting process (and understand I’m lumping in pre-writing, revising, and editing all in with drafting) takes multiple days, sometimes only a few minutes. But once I begin a draft, I work on it until it’s ready to be published, and then I publish it. I do not, however, begin a draft and then “save it” for a later date. And I do NOT, under any circumstances, start a new draft while an old one is still unpublished.

This makes my organizational structure a little simpler than some other people’s might be, because I don’t have to separately categorize posts that have been drafted (or semi-drafted, or drafted but not revised, or revised but not edited) but not yet published. However, this makes my posting regularly a bit harder. If I happen to get crunched for time when I had originally planned to blog, I have no drafts that I can quickly edit and put on the web. Because all my posts have to be drafted from scratch, mid-week posts can get especially hard without careful planning. If, instead, I draft posts when I have time (and interest – I’m certainly not advocating putting myself on a schedule and giving myself deadlines or anything… at least, not while I’m getting them from school), I could rely on the reservoir of posts when I’m too busy to draft something new. The only problem with this plan is my instant-gratification personality – once I draft it, I want it up now because it’s ready now so I want people to read it now. I guess I’ll just have to learn to be a little more patient. (Ha! Yeah, right.)

[Authorial edit: This post was, in fact, drafted and then saved without being published. Not only that, but I then went on to draft two - not one, but two! - other posts to be published later. It's a new day, folks.]


On a totally unrelated note, my teaching program has produced some real gems as far as spoken English goes, many of which from people whose content area is English. Among others, I’ve noted these fantastic additions to the English language:

  • Uncomfortableness
  • Comprehendable
  • Reflectiveness
  • Comfortability
  • Alikenesses
  • Chargedness
  • Studenting
  • Crisises

In every case, I’ve had to think to myself, “That’s not really a word, is it? No, they must mean __________.” It does make me wonder, however, how often I’ve said stupid things like that. Please, people – tell me if I do that. I don’t want people snickering at me behind my back. Well, not more than they already do.

And while this one was completely made up of legitimate words that can be found in any English dictionary, it disturbed me just as much – no, no, more than any of the single words above. While giving a lecture on the last day of Literacies, our professor casually dropped this into her speech:

“This is the last time I’ll be seeing you until you walk across that stage – some of you – at graduation.”

I’m sorry, did she just- “some of you”?! Only some of us?!! What the heck are they not telling us?!?!?! I swear, I was having mini heart attacks for days after that innocent statement…

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